Indiana Pacers 2009-2010 Preview Basketball Betting

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

Basketball betting fans have plenty of teams to choose from for great value when they begin their NBA betting for the regular season.

The Indiana Pacers are not exactly one of the best teams around this year for basketball betting, however. At +20000 in SBG Global’s futures odds to win the 2010 NBA Championship, they have little to no chance to even make the playoffs. Experts are a little shaky on this team, as they can appear anywhere from 5th to 3rd in their basketball betting division.

Basketball betting isn’t always on whether or not a team makes the playoffs, or wins the NBA betting Championship. As many bettors already know, it’s whether or not they offer good value. One important fact to know about the Pacers is that their offense is one of the best in the league. They were 5th in the NBA as far as points scored, and props to them for that. But almost all four teams ahead of them didn’t make the basketball betting playoffs either. So point scoring is nothing if you can’t defend.

Keeping that in mind, a stellar offense and a defense that gives up as many points as it scores, gives basketball betting fans a great chance to take totals, specifically the over. They close up the league’s 90th percentile as far as free throw percentage, third in the league with 80.7%. As far as rebounds go, they’re 2nd in the basketball betting league, behind only the L.A. Lakers. So if you’re looking for a team to put numbers up on the NBA betting board, the Pacers are definitely one to look at.

The Pacers are plagued, however, by injuries, fouls (an average of over 23 fouls per game), and an inconsistency as far as putting players out on the basketball betting court. It doesn’t help the team that their own star players aren’t out there putting their best foot forward, and basketball betting fans don’t appreciate that much, either. Though they played 82 NBA betting games last season, but players like Danny Granger missed as many as 15 games, and even Mike Dunleavy missed 64 throughout the basketball betting season. If the Pacers want to make it anywhere in basketball betting, they need their players out there playing.

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