Basketball Betting on Houston Rockets 2009-2010 Preview

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

Basketball betting on the Houston Rockets seems to be headed for a disaster. For this basketball betting season, the Rockets have lost a couple of their key players.

These two are perhaps the two players that are considered the most talented ones by NBA betting fans. As it has been read in basketball betting news all over the internet, Yao Ming will be missing the entire 2009-2010 season. Basketball betting lines will also suffer the absence of Tracy McGrady on the court. Mc Grady had to undergo microfracture surgery. The only chances that the Houston Rockets have to have McGrady back in action is for him to recuperate soon enough and be back in All-Star shape which he hasn’t been for the past two basketball betting seasons. In general NBA terms, we can say that if Yao Ming won’t be present and Tracy McGrady is in doubt, it will not be worth it to base your basketball betting on the Rockets.

Basketball betting fans know that Tracy McGrady is the best offensive player that the Houston Rockets have. This is why the fact that he might not have action during some games is a nail bitting situation for NBA betting fans that cheer on this team. Nevertheless, basketball betting odds might have Luis Scola take a step up and come out as a leading scorer in the vent that McGrady goes missing.

David Anderson is pretty much the most important basketball betting acquisition that the Rockets have for this 2009-2010 NBA betting season. This 7’0 center comes from a wide experience of games and championships in Russia, Spain and Italy. In 2004 he was the basketball betting MVP in the Italian League he played in. David Anderson’s game will go hand in hand with Rick Adelman’s system. To be able to achieve the basketball betting playoffs, the Rockets expect from Anderson to have a solid and very strong season.

In basketball betting and in any sport, self confidence and heart are two very important things that a team must have. In this sense, the Rockets have plenty of both. During the past two seasons Houston has been able to overcome tough obstacles just by believing in themselves. Nevertheless, the obstacles that this season brings such as Yao missing and McGrady in doubt seem to be a little bit too heavy for overcoming them with self confidence.

In any NBA betting season, it is very important for any team to be able to have players with good health and no injury danger. Once again, this is a very strong weakness on Houston this season. There seems to be a big question mark as to what performance they will have this season due to the Yao and McGrady situation. No NBA franchise will want to be in the position they are in.

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