Hornets road to the NBA finals odds at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA finals odds never expect the New Orleans Hornets to bet featured in the NBA finals odds this year.

But the Hornets have quietly become one of the top teams in basketball and seem to have as good a shot at the NBA finals odds and NBA finals betting as any team out there. In a dog fight with the Lakers that will go down to the very last game of the season, the Hornets even have a chance to enter the NBA finals odds playoff race with the number seed in the highly competitive Western Conference.

NBA finals odds expert have seen this team play well in the past few years and give teams a first round headache in NBA finals playoffs over the past few years. But even the biggest Hornets fans could not have predicted that the New Orleans franchise would be in the driver’s seat in the battle for the NBA finals betting at this point in the season. But then again, not many NBA finals odds fans could foresee that Chris Paul would develop into the best point guard in the league in just three short seasons.

Paul has proven that old NBA finals maxim of the point guard being the most important position on the court to be true. The Hornets NBA finals odds dreams begin and end with Paul. So far he played his guts out in the quest for a spot in the NBA finals odds spot has also played his way onto the short-list of MVP candidates. But that hardly means that the Hornets are a one-dimensional team or that Paul won’t have any help should the Hornets reach the NBA finals betting.

The Hornets can sting you from inside and out and have one of the most balances attacks among the NBA finals odds hopefuls. Inside, big man David West has become a force and will be one of the best post players in the NBA finals odds race. Outside Peja Stojakovic, is the great shooter that he’s always been and his playoff experience will certainly help this team in its quest for the NBA finals odds.

But even if the team comes up short in its mission to be featured in the NBA finals odd this year, it’s just a matter of time before this talented young team finds itself in the NBA finals betting.

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