Handicapping NBA Playoffs Odds at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA playoffs odds handicapping involves finding situations and angles that can be profitable.

When it comes to NBA playoffs betting, situations are sometimes just as important as matchups and trends. Sometimes they can be even more important. Let’s take a look how NBA playoffs odds can present you with winning opportunities.

NBA playoffs odds are different than regular season betting odds and you must keep that in mind. One of the bigger factors that many gamblers use in the regular season is travel but it is a non-factor in NBA playoffs betting because each team has the same amount of rest. One factor in NBA playoffs odds though that is often understated compared to the regular season is the home court edge. In the regular season each team has a basic home court edge and it doesn’t change a great deal. That is not the case in NBA playoffs odds. Home court edge can be huge in NBA playoffs betting. If a team loses their first two games on the road and then comes home they could be a very good bet in NBA playoffs odds even if they are heavily favored. The 2008 NBA playoffs betting season has seen home teams thrive against the NBA playoffs odds. It has not mattered much how high the oddsmakers have made the number, the home teams have been covering in the 2008 NBA playoffs.

Situations are another difference in NBA playoffs odds compared to the regular season. You will have teams facing must-win or near must-win games in NBA playoffs odds. Take that example we looked at earlier where a team loses their first two playoff games on the road. That game three at home is technically not considered a must-win game but it may as well be. Teams don’t come back from 0-3 down in the playoffs so a team down 0-2 is really facing a must-win game although it is not technically considered as such in terminology. It is this situation that can give you a great chance to make money in NBA playoffs odds. The team that is down 0-2 is probably going to be undervalued because they just lost two straight games. They will play hard to avoid going down 0-3 and are usually worth a bet in NBA playoffs odds.

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