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November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA bet lines look similar to college basketball bet lines but there are some differences you need to be aware of

When you look at NBA bet lines you will definitely notice differences between pro and college basketball and you can make a case that handicapping each of them is different.

NBA bet lines have a much smaller number of games than college bet lines and that means fewer games to handicap.  It does not, however, mean there are not good opportunities to make money.  The length of the season makes for definite handicapping differences as you look at NBA bet lines. College teams play about 30 games each while each NBA team plays 82.  It is a big contrast in schedules and something to consider when you look at your individual NBA bet handicapping strategies.  The NBA becomes a nightly grind and travel is a huge handicapping factor as you look at NBA bet lines.

Also keep in mind as you look at NBA bet lines that the pro game is based around star players while the college game is more of a coach’s game with strategies and team play.  In the NBA it is mainly a game of talent, while that is definitely not as much the case in college basketball. As you look at both NBA bet lines and college hoops bet lines, remember that you can’t handicap the two the same way.  It is similar to college and pro football in that you must look at different factors to be successful.  Just because you win at one sport does not mean you will win at the other.  Very few people are able to win at both.  If you can remember this one simple fact, you will already be ahead of most gamblers that look at NBA bet lines.

Some handicappers that examine NBA bet lines focus exclusively on the travel factor.  They will map out certain plays against the NBA bet lines well in advance based entirely on a team’s travel schedule. They look at making an NBA bet against teams in back-to-back situations or a three games in four nights situation.  Other handicappers look at NBA bet lines and search for teams on long road trips.  They are looking at placing an NBA bet against these teams. As you look at NBA handicapping keep this one major factor in mind when you place your next NBA bet.

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