Halftime NBA Playoff Betting at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA playoff betting is an exciting time of year and it can be even more exciting if you consider halftime NBA playoff odds.

Many people forget all about halftime NBA playoff betting odds but you don’t have to be one of them. Let’s look at some things to consider that can make NBA playoff betting at the half profitable.

NBA playoff betting halftime odds are different than full game NBA playoff odds for a couple of reasons. First, the NBA playoff odds maker has very little time to make the line and will sometimes make mistakes. Second, you have been watching the game and may have a good idea of what will happen in the second half. The first reason is an important one to consider. The NBA playoff betting oddsmaker has very little time to make the line. They don’t have hours or days to study the two teams; they have just minutes. Sometimes they will make mistakes. You could have an advantage over the oddsmaker if you are paying attention to the game. The NBA playoff betting halftime line is usually based entirely on the numbers. The NBA playoff odds maker makes the line based on the opening line, their action and the score. Not much else is ever considered. The NBA playoff betting number may not be what it should be. It might just be what the sportsbook needs to put up.

There is no question that professional gamblers will bet NBA playoff betting halftimes lines and move the line. The pros feel they have a better idea of what the odds should be than the oddsmaker. When they see a weakness they jump all over the NBA playoff betting halftime odds. If the NBA line moves a great deal you can be sure that the oddsmaker made a mistake. It doesn’t take long to see this if you are watching the NBA playoff betting line moves at the half.

You should remember that NBA playoff betting halftime wagers are just as valid as regular full game wagers. You get paid just the same if you win your bet. In fact, you have to wait less time since you bet on only one half of the game.

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