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January 3rd, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

Basketball betting line odds are available at the half of basketball games. For those of you who don’t know, you can wager on just the first or the second half of nearly all basketball games. You can get NBA basketball wagering odds, over/under totals, and in many cases money lines, for both the first and second half of these games.

Basketball wagering line halves only apply to one half. The half that you are betting on is all that matters and the other half and the entire game has nothing to do with your betting on the half in question. The first half Basketball wagering line can be somewhat tricky because a gambler is flying more blind than he is at halftime, where he can at least have the first half of play as a point of reference. A good scenario of a first half basketball betting line would be in a college mismatch, where a significantly stronger team may ‘pour it on” early while their key starters are still in the game. In the second half, conversely, that superior team may be resting its key players while giving backups valuable playing time, which often causes the weaker team to sneak through the “backdoor” of the regular/full game basketball betting line.

Where many serious professional gamblers make big time money is on the second half of games, which is known as “halftime” basketball betting line wagering. Oftentimes professionals will play the halftime basketball betting line off the regular full game basketball gaming line and get bargains. Let’s say, for example, that The Lakers were a 10-point favorite over Minnesota in NBA basketball betting odds and yet were trailing 55-45 at the half. Now let’s say that the NBA basketball wagering odds makers made the Lakers an 11 point chalk for the second half. And let’s say the game ended up Los Angeles 105-103. For gamblers that took the Lakers at the half, they got a price break from the original basketball betting line and won the 2nd half wager as the Lakers covered the 2nd half but failed to cover the full game basketball wagering line.

Halftime wagering is an interesting way to get involved in NBA basketball betting odds and possibly get bargain prices in the process.  Take a look at the halftime basketball gambling line today.

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