Golden State Warriors beat Phoenix Suns 98-80

March 13, 2015 NBA Basketball

On this past Monday we had the NBA 2014-15 regular season game 3 of a 4 game series between the Golden State Warriors 50-12 (1st Pacific Div.) playing game 3 against the Phoenix Suns 33-32 (3rd Pacific Div.) with this game played at the US Airway Center in Phoenix, Arizona and the game tipped-off at 10 PM ET with some 18,055 fans present and the game lasted for 2 hours and 10 minutes.

The 1st game in this 4 game series was played on Sunday the 9th of Nov. 2014 in Phoenix and the Suns won that 1st game at Phoenix 107 Golden State 107. In the 2nd game of the 4 game series played at Golden State the Warriors excelled and won the game as Warriors 106 and Suns 87.

In this 3rd game the scoring in the 1st three quarters was of a flip-flop nature as in the first quarter the Warriors of Golden State outscored the Suns of Phoenix 25-19. In the 2nd quarter the flip-flop nature of the scoring saw the Suns outscore the Warriors 27 to 21, thus the game went to half-time with the score tied 46 to 46 and the fans were excited with the game ending the 1st half in a tie game. In the 3rd quarter of the 2nd half the Warriors rallied and outscored the Suns 30-15 and that gave Phoenix a 15 point deficit going into the 4th and final quarter of this game. In the 4th the defense somewhat held the Warriors in their scoring, but regardless the Warriors outscored the Suns 22-19 and the wound up winning the game by 18 points with the final score Golden State 98 and Phoenix 80.

As the Warriors of Golden State won their 50th game of the season and now have the best record in the NBA at 50-12, in this game their leading 5 performances came from star Guard-Curry-36 points 6 rebounds 5 assists 4 steals, guard-Thompson-25 points 2 rebounds 3 assists 1 block, forward-Green-11 points 10 rebounds 1 block, forward-Barnes-9 points 4 rebounds 1 assist and guard-Livingston-7 points 2 rebounds 4 assists and off t he Bench.

The leading 5 performances for the Suns of Phoenix were from guard-Bledsoe-19 points 2 rebounds 3 assists 2 steals, guard-Knight-13 points 1 rebound 1 steal, forward-Warren-11 points 2 rebounds 1 assist, center-Lan-10 points 11 rebounds 1 block and forward Tucker-8 points 5 rebounds and 1 steal.

Reviewing the team statistics the Warriors scored the winning 98 points as they attempted 83 field goals and made 35 for 42% completion and on 3-pointers they made 13 of 31 for 41% completion, and on foul shots they made 15 of 19 for a 78% completion rate. On the other side of the court the Suns scored 80 points on 77 field goal attempts making some 29 for 37% completion, on 3-pointers they made 4 of 11 for 36% completion and then on foul shots they made 18 of 23 for a 78% completion rate.

On the non-scoring stats the Warriors had 48 total rebounds (9 offensives and 39 defensive), 17 assists, 8 blocks, 11 steals, 18 turnovers and committed 18 fouls in the game. On the Suns side they had 37 total rebounds (6 offensives and 31 defensive), 13 assists, 1 block, 11 steals, and 19 turnovers and committed 19 fouls in the game, and there were no Technical of Flagrant fouls in this game.

For the league leading Warriors this is the 1st time in their franchise that the team has won 50 games of their 1st 62 games played. In league they are the 20th team to so such.

If you Bet on NBA at Online sportsbooks then you need to know that tomorrow Golden State plays at home with the Detroit Pistons and Phoenix plays at home against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

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