Getting Ready for the Second Round in Basketball Betting

January 3rd, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

Second round NBA Playoff matchups are set to begin and the first thing you can do in basketball betting with these matchups is bet the series price. It is usually tough to take the high priced favorites in the first round but things are a little more reasonable in NBA betting in round two.

Basketball betting odds on teams like the Cavaliers, Lakers and Magic were pretty high in the first round.  Now that the second round is set to begin, the matchups are not as one-sided as they were in the first round. There are some other things to consider for the second round of the NBA Playoffs.

One of the strategies that have been successful in this round is to take the loser of the previous game to win the next game.  The feeling is that the losing team will really focus on winning the next game while the victorious team may feel a little overconfident and have a letdown.  This NBA betting theory can work throughout the NBA Playoffs.  This can work well especially in a good series that is expected to go six or seven games.

The NBA has become more competitive in recent seasons.  It is still true that the Lakers and Cavaliers are very tough but other teams like Orlando, Atlanta, Dallas and Phoenix can make some noise.  The Western Conference is loaded with teams that can give the Lakers a challenge in this year’s playoffs.  Cleveland and Orlando look tough in the East but Atlanta is not a pushover and could do some damage.

When the second round arrives you can look to take the points a little bit more in basketball betting.  The first round matchups were oftentimes too one-sided. That is not the case in the second round. Just blindly taking the points in any situation is never a bad idea as the public always bets the favorites in all sports, including the NBA playoffs.   Favorites are oftentimes overpriced in the NBA, especially in the playoffs since the playoffs get a lot more attention than regular season action.

Pick your spots in the NBA playoffs and look to take teams coming off a loss.  You can also look to take the underdogs in this round. The public is very involved in NBA Playoff betting and you can use that knowledge to your advantage in this round.


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