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January 3rd, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

NBA preseason betting is the time to get ready for the regular season. Part of that preparation is considering any future bets you might want to make.  Let’s take a look at some NBA preseason odds in terms of futures.

NBA preseason wagering gets underway in early October but you can bet NBA futures at anytime.  NBA preseason odds show that the two teams with the lowest futures odds to win the 2008-2009 NBA title are the defending champion Boston Celtics and runner-up Los Angeles Lakers who are both listed at 3-1.  NBA preseason gaming odds show that San Antonio and Houston are the only other teams listed at NBA preseason odds of less than 10-1 on the futures board.  Both are 9-1 to win the title.

New Orleans is an interesting choice on the NBA preseason gambling futures board as they are 12-1 to win the title.  Anytime you have Chris Paul on your squad you are a threat in NBA preseason odds.  Another superstar, LeBron James could be a factor in NBA preseason betting.  His Cavaliers are listed at 17-1 on the NBA futures board.  Detroit is always a team to consider but they usually flop in the Finals, either in the Eastern Conference Finals or the NBA Finals.  They are 10-1 in NBA preseason wagering odds on the futures board.  The only other team with odds of less than 20-1 is the Phoenix Suns who are 15-1 in NBA preseason gaming future odds.  Dirk Nowitzi and the overrated Mavericks are 20-1.  Dwyane Wade looked great in the Olympics and his Heat are 35-1 in NBA preseason betting future odds to win the title. Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic are 30-1 in NBA preseason betting future odds. Deron Williams and the Utah Jazz are 20-1. Perhaps the most interesting NBA preseason betting odds in terms of futures is on the Portland Trail Blazers.  With Greg Oden in the mix and a team full of talent, they could make a mark this season. They are 25-1 in futures on the NBA preseason wagering odds board.

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