Game 4 Warriors at Rockets Betting Odds

December 20th, 2019 NBA Basketball

As we move on in the NBA Playoffs especially the Western Conference Finals with the upcoming 4th Game of that 7 Game Series as the No. 1 seed Warriors of Golden State (3-0) are visiting the No. 2 seed Rockets of Houston (0-3) in the 4th Game played on Monday the 25th of May 2015 with the Warriors leading the Series 3-0 and tip-off is at 9:05 PM ET and can be seen on ESPN TV.

The Vegas odds for this 4th game have the Warriors of Golden State favored at -1 ½ on the Point Spread and the Total 214 and -200 on the Money Line, while the Rockets of Houston are +4 ½ on the Point Spread and +170 on the Money Line.

In the previous 3 games of the 7 game series coming into this 4th Game, the 1st Game was played in California and won by the Warriors as the beat the Rockets by 4 points at 110-106. In the 2ndgame also in California, again the Warriors beat the Rockets by 1 point at 99-98. In the 3rd Game in Houston the Warriors routed the Rockets by 35 points at 115-80 as the outscored the Rockets in all 4 quarters of that 3rd Game.

After this 4th Game, the 5th Game (if needed) will be played in California on Wednesday the 27th of May, while the 6th Game (if needed) will be back in Houston on Friday the 29th of May, and the Final 7th Game (if needed) will be played in California on Sunday the 31st of May 2015 with all Game times set for 9 PM ET.

For those that Bet on NBA at an Sportsbook and you are a Warriors of Golden Stat fans, most of us expected to see some changes from the Warriors Coach S. Kerr, and he didn’t disappoint the majority in Game 3, as the Warriors opened the game very focus and hot in their offensive maneuvers, and a altered defensive plan to guard against the few things the Rockets had been completing successfully in the previous 2 games prior to that Game 3. He took K. Thompson away from guarding Rockets J. Harden in the 1st Half and the game still proved competitive. Harden was guarded by Barnes and Iguodala rotating and their results proved worthy.

The Warriors S. Curry, this year’s NBA’s MVP is still playing his usual all-star game as he scored some 40 points easily in their Saturday night game 3 win over the Rockets. If he continues that hot hand play and their defense clicks as it did in game 3, it appears that a final game 4 for the series is highly likely and that would give the Warriors a week or more to scout their upcoming opponents for the NBA Finals. That is unless the Rockets perform some miracles, especially in this 4th game.

For you Rocket fans of Houston the ride to the conference finals was fun as long as it lasted, but the Rockets with their limited lineup appear to not have a realistic shot against this great Warriors team, once the stopped some of the leaks. You witnessed what happens to your Rockets when the opposing defense takes your Star Harden out of the game as the prime offensive weapon, they seemed to have no answers to that. In that game 3 it was D. Howard who played at his best in this playoff game, but for the Rockets to win this 4th game they need a repeat from Howard and similar performances from the rest of their roster including the bench players. Plus the Rockets have to create a system to get their star Harden free and possibly their Coach McHale should consider re-formatting his offense to get Harden open more often in the game. Possibly with more rolls and picks with Howard would bring about some better match-ups. But it’s hard to imagine the Series going past this Game 4 for the Rockets, especially if the Warriors hot shooting for all 5 cylinders.

The experts predict that the Rockets don’t have what it takes to continue in this series and the Warriors will seal their ticket to the NBA Finals by winning this Game 4!

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