Game 4 Cavaliers vs. Celtics Preview

January 9th, 2020 NBA Basketball

With many of the playoff games at 3-0, the media says get ready for the sweep and get the brooms pit. Having said that on Sunday the 26th of April the 2nd seed Cleveland Cavaliers 3-0 in round 1 are playing the 7th seed Celtics of Boston 0-3 in round 1 and the Cavaliers are expected to win this Round 1 Game 4 and sweep the Celtics in Round 1. This Game 4 will be played Sunday at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts with tip-off scheduled for 1 PM ET and seen on ABC TV.

The opening line on this game 4 favors the Cavaliers of Cleveland at -7 ½ with the total 203 ½ and -360 on the Money Line, with the comeback on the Celtics of Boston at +7 ½ and +300 on the Money Line.

In game 1 of this 7 Game series that was played on Sunday the 19th of April 2015 the Cavaliers beat the Celtics by 13 points with the final score Cleveland 113 Boston 100, then in Game 2 on Tuesday the 21st of April the Cavaliers beat the Celtics by 8 points, with the Final score Cleveland 99 and Boston 91 with both game played in Cleveland. The 3rd game was played at Cleveland and the Cavaliers again beat the Celtic, this time by 13 points with the final score Cleveland 108 and Boston 95 and thus the Cavaliers going into game 4 lead the series 3-0.

After this Game 4 in Boston, the playoffs go to Game 5 (if needed) in Cleveland on Tuesday the 28th of April, then Game 6 (if needed) on Thursday the 30th of April in Boston, and the Final Game 7 (if needed) in Cleveland on Saturday the 2nd of May 2015.

This game 4 should be really interesting since it’s a do or die situation with the Celtics as either they win this game 4 and move on to game 5, or they lose and are out of the tournament. Unfortunately, the Celtics have played well in all 3 of these playoff games, but just could not finish with a win, but being at home with their fan base on hand, they just might win this game 4.

If you a Cleveland fan and Bet on NBA at a Sportsbook, if may surprise you that it appears the K. Love just may have found himself in the Cleveland offense as in game 3 from the 3-point ring he made 6 of his 10 attempts and score 23 points in the game, which is above his 18 point per game average when playing Boston. In that game the Cavaliers on 3-pointer shot 41% or they made 12 of their 29 attempts, and thus they have shot over 40% in the first three games of the series.

In the star for the Cavaliers as fans expected, was L. James in Game 3 with 4 assists, 11 board rebounds and scored 31 points leading all Celtics. Now with the broom out and a sweep in sight, it’s anticipated the LeBron will be playing the win this game 4 and sweep the Celtics.

If you happen to be a Celtics fan, they will need all the support they can get in this game 4, as it’s a win of stay home situation for them, even as they are giving the Cavaliers some difficult wins, but their scoring has been very inconsistent. For example, their ace scorer I. Thomas shot his normal 20 plus points in the first 2 games, then in game 3 he only managed scoring 5 points in the game. But the players that kept the Celtics close in Game 3 were E. Turner-19 points, A. Bradley-18 points and off the bench J. Crowder-16 points.

This a game where the Celtics have nothing to lose, and are not backing away from the Cavaliers, and they are expect in this game to give it their all and make this game a very close game 4.

The predictions as that even as the Celtics give it their all in this game, it ends up too little too late, and the Cavaliers will win at 101-96 and seal the series with a sweep at 4-0.

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