Game 3 Rockets vs. Mavericks Preview

January 9th, 2020 NBA Basketball

With the 2015 NBA Playoffs in the Western Conference starting on the 24th of April we have the Houston Rockets (58-26 1st Southwest at home 30-11) playing the Mavericks of Dallas (50-32 4th Southwest on the road 26-15) with the Rockets leading the series 2-0, and the game being played at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas at 7:15 PM ET and seen on ESPN TV. At this moment there were no early odds available on this Friday match-up!

Thus far in the series in Game 1 in Houston the Rockets beat the Mavericks by 10 points with the final score Houston 118 and Dallas 108. The second game was also played in Houston and again the Rockets beat the Mavericks, this time by 12 points and the final score Rockets 11 and the Mavericks 99.

After this game 3 in Dallas at 7:10 PM ET, we have Game 4 also in Dallas on Sunday the 26th of April at 9:40 PM, then Game 5 (if needed) in Houston on Tuesday the 28th of April time TDB, then Game 6 (if needed) in Dallas on Thursday the 30th of April and the Final Game 7 (if needed) back in Houston on Saturday the 2nd of May 2015. The Dallas Maverick owner, whom many also know from the “Shark Tank” is quite outspoken, but on the basketball court the Rockets of Houston have kept him in silence, at least in the first 2 games of this 7 game series. The question standing is will the rockets win this game, and then be just one more win from advancing to the conference semifinals, or will the Mavericks finally get their game together and make this a 2-1 series and one that will be more interesting? If you Bet on NBA at an Sportsbook and area Rockets of Houston fan then you are aware your team with a strong bench and players like D. Howard and J. Harden were able on Tuesday past to smash the Mavericks 111-9 in a game in which they were -8.5 favorites on the point spread, and are now 5-1 against the spread in their last 5 games, that goes back to 4 games in the regular 2014-15 NBA season.

Their two stars were a little too much for the Mavericks as from the stripe(foul line) Harden was 13 for 13, and that indicates the Mavericks did not know how to stop Harden other than to foul him. He also had at total of 24 points in the game and he just may continue scoring as such if his team mates continue their play and keep the Rockets defense spread around the court. On the other hand D. Howard also had a good game 2 with some 12 rebounds, 2 blocks and scored 28 points in the game. So in the paint in the 1st 2 games the Rockets have scored some 111 points to date.

If you’re Mavericks of Dallas fan and you are surprised, well you and a lot of people seem ready to push the panic button, but if the Mavericks don’t win this game 3 they will fall into the 0-3 series hole and what they call playoff quicksand, so for your benefit they better win this game. Another problem is their forward Parson has a knee problem and could miss the rest of this series against the Dallas, so the replacements will need to produce sufficient scores if the Mavericks are to win this game. So that coupled with the play of M. Ellis, R. Rondo, T. Chandler and D. Nowitzki who all need to improve their play and scoring in this game 3 as in game 2 Dallas only completed 37.2 % of their shots or completed only 33 of 89. So yes their fate is on the players listed and all playing at the top of the game or they will fall into the 0-3 quicksand. Having said that, those that say they know are predicting the Rockets to win this Game 3 at 106-101!

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