Game 3 Raptors vs. Wizards Preview

January 9th, 2020 NBA Basketball

As 2015 NBA PLAYOFFS grind down in the Round 1 we are now moving on to the Game 3 in the Eastern Conference with the Raptors of Toronto (48-33, 1st Atlantic-at home 27-14) playing the Wizards of Washington (48-36, 2nd Southeast-on the road 22-19) with the Wizards coming into game 3, leading the series 2-0, with the game being played at the Verizon Center, Washington, District of Columbia at 8:10 PM ET and seen on ESPN2 & CSMA TV. At this time there were no odds available.

In the 7 game series to date in this Eastern Conference with the Raptors at the Wizards in we are in game 3, and in Game 1 the Wizards beat the Raptors by 7 points at 93 to 86 and the game was played in Toronto in Saturday the 18th of April, then in Game 2 the Wizards again beat the Raptors by 9 points at 117 to 106 and also in Toronto, thus the Raptors come into this game 3 with a 2-0 series lead.

After this game 3 in Washington D.C., the 4th Game will be played also in Washington D.C. on Sunday the 26th of April at 7:10 PM ET, then Game 5 (if needed) goes back to Toronto on Wednesday the 19th of April time TBD, then Game 6 (if needed) in Washington D.C. on Friday the 1st of May and the Final Game 7 (if needed) back in Toronto on Sunday the 3rd of May 2015. With the Wizards back at home for Game 3, their road trip for the 1st two games of this series went very well as they are now at home and 2-0 and will seek to make it 3-0 in front of their home court and D.C. fans.

If you’re Raptors of Toronto fan, and Bet on NBA at SBG Global or other line online sportsbooks then I am sure you and their many fans think the deep has a big task to overcome, as they appear to be in troubling waters. Having home court advantage in the 1st two game of this series didn’t seem to help the Raptors as they lost their 2nd consecutive home game on Tuesday 117-106 in the 1st Round. This happens to be the Raptors career 4 consecutive losses in playoff games. The 2014-15 season started with a lot of promising hopes, appears to becoming somewhat hopeless with 2 straight losses, and to worsen things their star guard K. Lowry may miss game 3 due to a shin injury in game 4. We say start but it the 1st two games in this series he struggled big time, as in the 1st game he was 2 for 10 and 7 points and in the 2nd game he was 3 for 1 and just 6 points, so yes he struggled. So now with Lowry injured it will be up to L. Williams and D. Derozan to come forward an up the offensive slack for the Raptors.

If you’re a fan of the Wizards of Washington, D.C. your team on the road for the 1st two games now heads back home with a comfortable 2-0 lead after their impressive win by some 11 points this past Tuesday the 21st of April 2015. What has shocked people is that the Wizards lost 15 of their last 19 regular 2014-15 season games, but apparently the team discovered a new animal for post season play, as in the past 2 year playoffs they had won 7 of their 8 road games. And this season the first 2 games of this series were won by a very offensively balanced team. Their star was B. Beal with some 28 points in his 12 for 21 shot attempts, and then J. Wall had a record 17 assist while scoring 26 points.

But what really has been the difference to date in the series was their Coach Wittman making the decision to play P. Pierce as a power forward and that moved the Raptors defense which allowed Beal and Wall the ability to find gates to the basket, and if that continues the Raptors stand a great chance in winning this game and game 4 and then they could book a slot in the round 2. Since the Wizards in their last 10 home games have won 8 and lost 2 games, it’s no wonder the experts pick the Wizards at home, to beat the Raptors in this 3rd game 101-91 and take a 3-0 series lead on Friday night,

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