Game 2 Spurs vs. Clippers Betting Odds

January 10th, 2020 NBA Basketball

With the 2015 NBA PLAYOFFS underway in both the Eastern and the Western Conferences and our preview now will be on the Western Conference Round 1 Game 2 that is played on Wednesday the 22nd of April 2015 with the Spurs of San Antonio (55-27. 3rd Southwest) playing the Clippers of Los Angeles (59-26, 2nd Pacific) with the game tip-off at 840 PM ET from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California and seen on TNT TV.

The opening betting odds are favoring the Clippers of Los Angeles at -1 ½ with the total at 206 ½ and -125 on the Money Line with the comeback on the Spurs of San Antonio +1 ½ and +105 on the Money Line. In their first game of this 7 game series the Clippers outplayed and outscore the Spurs winning the game 107-92. This 2nd game is also played in Los Angeles, with the 3rd game played on Friday the 24th of April at 9:40 PM ET in San Antonio, and Game 4 also in San Antonio on Sunday the 26th at 3:30 PM, and Game 5 (if needed) on Tuesday April 28th in L.A. TBD, Game 6 (if needed) on Thursday April 30th in San Antonio TBD, and the 7 and final game (if needed) on Sunday the 2nd of May 2015 in Los Angeles with TBD.

In game 1 of this series the Spurs of San Antonio were bumped off their high point, and brought back to earth, as the Clippers of Los Angeles crushed them by some 15 points with the final score 107-92. The was a surprise to most since the Spur in their last regular season games that totaled 16 their record was 14 and 2, as they displayed one of the best offenses and defenses in the NBA for that period of time, and that dates back to their worst loss on the 17th of March 2015 as they lost to the Knicks of New York 104-100.

If you’re a Spurs of San Antonio fan and Bet on NBA at a Sportsbook like SBG Global then you have no know your Spurs in game 1 only made 54% on foul shots, 31% of 3-pointers and only 35% of their field goal attempts. Thus one wonders whether a team with supposedly a highly efficient offense can play that bad in 2 straight games, but as a team they more than likely will be more concerned about their defensive efficiency as in game 1 the Spur struggled covering the Clippers Griffin and Paul. But be careful about underestimating their success, as remember back in 2003, 2005 & 2007 playoffs the Spurs lost their opening games, and believe it or not won the NBA Championship in those same 3 years.

Hence, if you’re a Clippers of Los Angeles and you Bet on NBA also then you surely know that not to many experts picked the Clippers to win the 1st game against the Spurs, but remember they finished their regular season with an 8 game straight win streak, but their 15 point win in their 1st game against the Spurs got some of the expert predictor’s attention. Many overlooked that the Clippers have also one of the leagues sharpest offenses and on (100 possessions scored 109.8 points) and in that 1st game they made some 52% of field goal attempts and 56% of their 3-pointers, and that was against a normally very tight defense of the Spurs.

The Clippers MVP caliber player Paul led the game in scoring for Los Angeles with 32 points, some 6 assists and then 7 important rebounds of the boards, and his teammate Griffin also had a great game with 3 steals, 3 blocks, six assists, 11 rebounds and some 26 points in the game. Can the Clippers win this 2nd game of the 7 game series, well those that know say that even as the Spurs improve their scoring in Game 2, the Clippers and Paul have another outstanding game, thus the Clippers win game 2 at 108-101 over the Spurs.

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