Game 2 Preview: Warriors Still Favorite but Thunder May Strike Again

October 30th, 2019 NBA Basketball

After the upset Oklahoma City Thunder surprised basketball betting fans with, many are wondering what will happen in Game 2 of this series as the Thunder and Warriors meet again. The game is set for tomorrow Wednesday, May 18 at the Oracle Arena in Oakland. Both teams are at their top offensive play so this game will be one of many points, yet with what’s at stake for each, it’s hard to tell who will score the most.

Naturally, the results of this first game will create an extreme hunger for victory in the Warriors. They will have to play with the urgency to win because they cannot afford to up their game after a 0-2 loss in the series.  Since early in the season, Curry marveled the basketball betting world with his talent, however yesterday’s game proved that even the back to back MVP can be neutralized and his turnovers minimized if the defensive cards are played right by their contenders. For both teams every possession is key to win this game.

On the other hand, winning last night’s game sure boosted Oklahoma’s spirit and self confidence.  Knowing they have what they need to win against the defending champs and their MVP can surely make them come back stronger as they know the Warriors will do what they have to do to keep the title.

The Warriors are in the conference finals for the second straight year and it’s Oklahoma City fourth time around. For those who like to bet on basketball this series is a “must see” must bet game.  According to experts analyzing this series, cross-matching will be a major clue to this series, so there is going to be a lot of active bodies at fast tempo where one team will try to outrun and outsmart the other one.

Thunder     +8½ (-110)            221½ (-110)        +350

Warriors     -8½ (-110)             221½ (-110)        -440

The Warriors are still the favorites as they were for Game 1 despite how that turned out.  It seems that just like in the first game many of those betting on basketball are still going for the over/under of the game just to be safe.  This is really one of those nail biting matches where both teams are so majestic in what they do that the outcome is uncertain.  As game time approaches the line may change so a cautious bettor will want to hold off on premature action.

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