Game 2 Bucks vs. Bulls Betting Odds

January 10th, 2020 NBA Basketball

With the 2015 NBA postseason underway and the playoffs also moving on we now see Game 2 of Round 1 with the No. 6 seed Bucks of Milwaukee playing the No. 3 seed Bulls of Chicago with the game being played at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois at 8:10 PM ET and seen on TNT TV.

The opening betting odds are favoring the Bull of Chicago at -7 ½ with the total at 188 and -350 on the Money Line, with the comeback for the Bucks at +7 ½ and +290 on the Money Line.

This game 2nd welcomes back the Bulls Rose a former MVP who returned in game 1 after being out since back in 2012 when he had an ACL injury. His return was sensational and the Bulls beat the Bucks in game 1 at 103-91. Can he play that well in a 2nd consecutive game?

With game 2 played a Chicago on Monday the 20th at 8:10 PM ET, the 3rd Game is at Milwaukee on Thursday the 23rd at 8:20 PM ET, with 4th Game also at Milwaukee on Saturday the 25th at 5:40 PM ET, the 5th Game if needed is at Chicago on Monday the 27th at TBD, the 6th Game if needed at Milwaukee on Thursday the 30th at TBD and the 7th and final Game if needed at Chicago on Saturday the 2nd of May 2015 with TBD.

If you Bet on NBA at an Online sportsbook and are a fan of the Bucks of Milwaukee you know that the Bucks in their loss in game 1 made shots from all areas of the court that failed as they only completed 39% of their attempts in game 1 from FG range, then only 65% on foul shots and only 25% on 3-pointers as they had a very difficult time on offense.

The media think the best chance for the Bucks in this 2nd game against the Bulls is to play their best game of defense as they did most of the NBA season and were 2nd in defensive efficiency in the NBA, thus making the game a low scoring game, which give the Bucks a better chance of winning.

If you’re a Bulls fan then you know the return of Rose makes the Bull an excellent team, as in his 27 minutes in game 1 he was 9 for 16 for 23 points and also came up with some 7 assists in that time frame. The Bulls had another good game out of Butler who scored the team high in points at 25 and in the game their offense clicked as they made 38 of their field goal attempts and had 32 assists in the game.

The Bulls forecourt with Gasol and Noah also did their part making 4 blocks and compiled 24 rebounds as the Bulls outdid the Buck 53-42 on their rebounds. In the 5 games the Bulls played against the Bucks this season, they only allowed Milwaukee an average of 86 points in those 5 games, and in their last 4 home games they are 4-0 against the Buck’s. Chicago this year experience a drop in the defensive efficiency, but that does not seem to be a problem against the Bucks of Milwaukee.

The experts are skeptical about Rose playing the same in the 2nd game on his return, but believe Chicago will still win the game 92-85.

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