Favorites on the Basketball Betting Line

January 3rd, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

Basketball betting line favorites are far more popular than underdogs. Knowing the components that go into making a favorite in NBA betting odds will likely kill off much of your fear as far as taking the underdog in a matchup. Remember that just because a team is favored on the basketball wagering line does not mean that the team is the better one in the matchup.

Basketball betting line favorites can be made as such by the oddsmaker for any number of reasons, starting with the perception of that team based on past seasons as being excellent. If, for example, a team is a perennial contender and or post-season participant, the masses will have that in their brain versus the basketball wagering line, far more so than the subtle details of the moment which may make that team anything but a top shelf quality program in the present.

Along those same lines, one of the most important things to keep in mind about gamblers who wager against college and NBA betting odds is that they are reactive in nature, rather than proactive, which means that much of what goes into their routines is based on the past, rather than the present. They remember the last result versus the basketball wagering line and not much else.

You can go back in NBA betting odds each season and look at teams that had winning straight up records who lost versus the basketball wagering line. Conversely, you can find teams that lost straight up but had a winning record against the basketball wagering line. It really comes down to the public betting favorites expecting them to cover the basketball betting line. They don’t really take the NBA betting odds into consideration. For example, if the Lakers are home against Portland and laying 8 points then the public will bet the Lakers and hope they cover the basketball wagering line. This happens all the time with teams like the Lakers, Boston, San Antonio, Dallas, etc. The goal when you wager against the basketball betting line is to cover the spread, not necessarily win the game. Most people forget this simple fact when wagering against the basketball betting line.

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