Exciting Playoff Basketball Odds

January 3rd, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

Basketball odds are definitely the most exciting when the NBA playoffs are underway. The possibilities for profit definitely get bettors interested in NBA odds, especially when some of the best teams in the NBA are in action. It is down to the final four in the NBA Playoffs and the action is great.

Basketball lines overall favor the Los Angeles Lakers to win the NBA title but the other three teams are not without a chance. Orlando and Boston are battling it out in the Eastern Conference and the Suns may not be done as their series moves to Phoenix. There are some things to keep in mind as you wager on basketball odds at this time of the NBA season.

In the NBA playoffs you have to remember that the public is far more involved than they were during the regular season. That means the favored team in an Playoff Basketball Odds is going to get a ton of public action. If the Lakers or the Magic are favored then you can count on them receiving a lot of support from the public. This will reduce their value in NBA odds. You must be aware of this fact as you bet he games.

As you research and bet the NBA playoff games you will realize that what happened in the regular season doesn’t mean much when it comes to the playoffs. You don’t have things like travel and fatigue meaning as much in the NBA playoff games since both teams are on the same schedule. You also have to be careful when betting this round of the playoffs and laying points. The Lakers, Magic, Celtics and Suns are all good teams and normally they don’t get blown out.

There are other things to consider in the NBA Playoffs as you bet basketball odds like the previous game, the overall series situation, injuries, etc. It used to be that you could automatically take the loser of the previous game and get a win but the zig-zag theory has been a bust for the most part in this year’s playoffs. Betting the NBA playoffs can be profitable if you remember a few things. When it gets to the conference finals there are only four teams remaining. There are not a lot of secrets remaining so you really need to analyze the situations as you bet these Playoff Basketball Odds.


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