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January 4th, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

Eastern Conference NBA Playoffs Betting at SBG Global. NBA Playoffs betting for the 2008-2009 season gets underway in April with 16 teams battling for the NBA title. Let’s take a look at some of the important NBA Playoffs odds numbers that could be important for each of the eight teams in the Eastern Conference.

NBA Playoffs betting in the Eastern Conference looks to be all about three teams. The Cleveland Cavaliers have the top seed in the Eastern Conference and they were a huge money maker for NBA Playoffs odds gamblers this season. The Cavaliers were almost unbeatable at home this season and any team that wants to make the NBA Finals will have to go through Cleveland. Boston is the defending champion but they would have to win a game seven in NBA Playoffs betting at Cleveland if it came down to it. The Celtics were also not nearly as good this season versus the spread as Cleveland was.

Orlando is the other team in NBA Playoffs betting in the Eastern Conference that could do some damage. The Magic made gamblers some nice money this season and they are the best of the three power teams on the road. The rest of the Eastern Conference in NBA Playoffs odds is probably looking at early exits. Philadelphia doesn’t look to have enough talent to compete with the big three and they have no superstar player who can impact NBA Playoff odds. Chicago has a similar problem as does Detroit in NBA Playoffs betting. The Pistons can play defense but they have no consistent scorer who can take over a game. The two teams that at least have a chance to upset one of the big three in NBA Playoffs betting are Atlanta and Miami. The Hawks nearly upset the Celtics last year in NBA Playoffs odds and Atlanta is a very good home team. Miami has Dwyane Wade and he can take over a game and impact NBA Playoffs betting at any moment.

The Eastern Conference NBA Playoffs betting odds look to be more competitive than those in the Western Conference. That is a bit of a change as normally it is the Western Conference with the power teams in NBA Playoffs betting. The Western Conference this year is all about the Lakers in NBA Playoffs betting. The Eastern Conference though has three teams who can win it all in NBA Playoffs betting in Cleveland, Boston and Orlando.

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