East and West in NBA finals betting at SBG Global

January 4th, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

NBA finals betting fans have been eagerly awaiting the day when supporting the Eastern conference with a bet on the NBA finals wouldn’t be a fruitless endeavor. Good news for NBA finals gambling fans: it looks as though that day has arrived. With several top NBA finals betting contenders in the East this season it looks as though the conference might have finally done what it takes to beat the West in the NBA finals betting.

NBA finals betting is hardly a perfect science and whatever team finally advances from the Eastern conference to play in the NBA finals could still get blown away. But it has been some years since there existed such buzz among fans that bet on the NBA finals regarding the East. Right now there are at least two teams that stack up very well in the East when it comes to NBA finals betting.

Obviously anyone that plans to bet on the NBA finals is certainly aware of what the Boston Celtics have done this year and the team will most likely enter the playoffs as the NBA finals betting favorite. In the span on just one year the team has gone from a laughing stock of the league to arguably the team with the best chances in the upcoming NBA finals wagering.

But the Celtics aren’t the only team creating a buzz in the bet on the NBA finals community. The Detroit Pistons the reigning power of the East for much of the past decade is also a team capable of not only getting to the NBA finals wagering , but also capable of winning the NBA finals wagering . This team has been dismissed by some NBA finals wagering critics as being too long in the tooth but Joe Dumars excellent eye for personnel has put this team back in NBA finals wagering contention. With an infusion of young blood in the form of Rodney Stuckey and Jason Maxiel this team is on the short list of teams capable of winning the NBA finals wagering.

The Western Conference is stacked to be sure, but with two top flight teams in the form of the Celts and the Pistons a West win in the NBA finals wagering is hardly a given this year.


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