Dwight Howard Will Impact NBA Finals Odds

January 4th, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

NBA Finals odds at the sports book don’t favor the Orlando Magic in their series against the Los Angeles Lakers but the Magic have a superstar player who will impact NBA Finals betting. Dwight Howard had a great series against Cleveland and he could make a major difference in NBA Finals odds in the series against the Lakers.

NBA Finals odds at the sports book favor the Lakers but Los Angeles does not have a player who can handle Dwight Howard. The Lakers do have their strengths in this NBA Finals odds series but handling Howard is not one of them. “We have to take advantage of our strengths and attack them,” the Lakers Pau Gasol said. “Don’t let them off the hook. What Cleveland didn’t have is an inside presence that could put them in jeopardy.” Howard averaged 25.8 points per game against Cleveland as NBA Finals odds stats show. He may not average that many against the Lakers as NBA Finals odds stats show considering Los Angeles at least has some inside presence in this NBA Finals betting series with Gasol and Andrew Bynum. “You have to make [Howard] work defensively, not as just a help guy, but as a one-on-one defender,” Gasol said. “We got to make him work, not just him but all the guys that they have inside.”

Foul trouble was a major issue for the Lakers in their two regular season games with the Magic (both losses.) NBA Finals odds information tells us that the Lakers have a Hall of Fame coach in Phil Jackson who will find a way to defend Howard. “It’s to your advantage not to double against this team,” Jackson said. “They have four three-point shooters arrayed around the corners of the court and they really spread you out, their spacing is good so it puts a lot of priority of being able to defend in the post.”

The NBA Finals odds makers at the sportsbook have made the Lakers better than a 2-1 favorite against the Magic. The key in this NBA Finals betting series for Orlando will be getting Howard to dominate inside. That may not be as easy as it was in the last NBA Finals odds series against Cleveland. The Lakers believe they have the frontline that can cause the Magic trouble in NBA Finals odds. “Our big lineup is going to create a problem for them,” Jackson said.

This NBA Finals odds series has two superstar players in Howard and Kobe Bryant. Both are likely to put up big numbers in this NBA Finals betting series so that should make for exciting action.

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