Darkhorse Teams Seedings to Bet on NBA Playoffs

January 5th, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

Bet on NBA playoffs seedings are set. There is no more doubt or speculation as to which teams will make the NBA playoffs betting as the season has ended and the match ups are set. Some teams will have a long offseason to contemplate what went wrong while others will enter the bet on NBA playoffs season hoping to make the experience last as long as possible.

Wager on NBA playoffs fans know the favorites. It’s no secret that the NBA playoffs betting lines all favor the Lakers, Cavs, Celts and Magic as the top teams to win an NBA title. And rightfully so considering the impressive records these teams have strung together during the regular season. But what’s more perplexing is trying to gauge which teams in the wager NBA playoffs might be able to make a dark horse run at the title.

NBA playoffs betting is always an unpredictable affair and no doubt the 2009 will also feature some of the exciting upsets that have come to characterize the wager on NBA playoffs these days. But which team will it be this year that captures the imagination of the wager on NBA playoffs fans? Who will be the Golden State Warriors of the ‘09 playoffs?

In the East there are several low-seeded teams that could make some noise. The Philly Sixers are a team to watch in the NBA playoffs betting. Philly faces off against the Magic in the first round and won’t have any easy time of it. But Philly is scrappy and the Magic are all about finesse –a combination that seems to be in the Sixers’ advantage. The Magic are clearly talented, but must toughen up in the post season. If not, the Sixers could pull off a big wager on NBA playoffs upset.

In the West it’s less clear which teams will emerge from the first round of the NBA playoffs betting. With parity rampant out West, it’s almost impossible to try and gauge which team is the underdog in many of the first round action. One team that could make some upset noise is the Hornets. Entering the bet on NBA playoffs as a seven-seed, this team could go all the way to the conference finals for one simple reason: Chris Paul. The post season is the time when point guards are more valuable than ever and there is no PG better in the game than Paul.

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