Dallas Mavericks 2009-2010 Preview Basketball Betting

January 8th, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

Basketball betting on the Dallas Mavericks came out to be better last year than what the fans expected. Regardless of this, they still came out a little bit short during the NBA playoffs action. This basketball betting season, the Mavs seem to be preparing for something better. They have had a very busy offseason and their draft is considered to be a solid one. Both of these basketball betting aspects have marked a difference from last NBA betting season.

The Dallas Mavericks retained their base team from last season. Jet Terry, Jason Kidd, Josh Howard and Dirk Nowitzki are still in Dallas along with Drew Gooden, Shawn Marion and Tim Thomas.Basketball betting season for 2008-2009, like we mentioned before, was better than what they thought they would have. This season will be a complete turnover for the Dallas Mavericks. They have so many good forwards that their Coach will have to have good judgment as to how he will distribute play minutes among them.

Jason Kidd has been in the NBA for many years. He is still considered a Top Playmaker for Dallas. Basketball betting fans cheer and become happy winner with Kidd’s amazing passing game and spectacular effectiveness. Basketball betting on Jason Kidd will be even better now that the Mavericks have added Shawn Marion to their plans. He will turn into Jason Kidd’s complement for ending a perfect pass in a fast break. Many basketball betting pundits believe that his days as the best point guard are long gone, but that he will still have the effectiveness for running a franchise.

Adding an All-Star talent to a lineup is a boom for any team that does so. NBA betting fans love to see their team acquire good talent without having to give up other players of great value. For this basketball betting season, the Dallas Mavericks where able to sign Shawn Marion and only had to give up Devean George, Jerry Stackhouse who had an expiring contract and also Antoine Wright. Basketball betting odds will be different for the Mavs as Marion just might be the key player that gets them higher rankings on their conference.

Basketball betting has been more exciting when it come to studying the amount of three pointers a team manages to do during a game. For the Mavericks, this has been a constant since Nowitzki got to the team. Now, with Shawn Marion getting involved, it will be an even better NBA betting season to bet on the Mavericks. The Dallas Mavericks will put up quite a show from the arc for all basketball betting fans to enjoy and go crazy. Their running game will also be in full gear as Marion will bring up the speed on those fast breaks.

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