Contrarian Approach to the Basketball Betting Line at SBG Global

January 8th, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

Basketball betting line wins don’t come easy. The overwhelming majority of gamblers are losers, never forget, which means that thinking and betting like the majority will make you a loser versus the basketball wagering line. Beyond that, thinking and betting like the majority puts you on the wrong side of the NBA basketball gambling odds, as you are against the oddsmakers rather than with them.

Basketball wagering line success is more likely if you are aligned with the oddsmakers by opposing the majority.  This means you are going to find yourself on the side of value, more often than not, which means that the bad beats that you used to suffer are often going to turn into lucky wins versus the basketball gaming line.

Another way to describe contrarian thought is that it is an NBA basketball wagering odds maker mentality. The public looks at the basketball betting line from the perspective of handicappers/bettors in which they are focused on the game and matchup, rather than the pure betting value of the teams involved. It is therefore contrarian to think against the grain, and to analyze games from an NBA basketball wagering odds maker point of view.

One of the biggest and most valuable lessons that new gamblers learn is that when they are on the same side of a wager versus the basketball betting line as the overwhelming majority of the masses, that wager nearly always loses. Why? How can that be? Because the NBA basketball wagering odds makers know how the public is going to react to any type of basketball wagering line. That means that if the public is all going one way, the hoops betting line is already jacked up in the price to meet that consumer demand, which means that there is no value in that play and, in fact, the value is on the side of the matchup that nobody wants.

Let’s say, for example, that a game should be lined on the basketball betting line board as a pick’em, but the public all wants to wager on the home team, which moves the basketball betting line to around -3 on that home team, due to the heavy sportsbook betting demands of the public. This means that the side that nobody wants is a value-added play on the basketball betting line, because you are getting more points than what is merited.

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