Cleveland Cavaliers at Golden State Warriors Christmas Day Betting Preview

November 22nd, 2019 NBA Basketball

On this Friday, the 25th of December, Christmas Day, the NBA has schedule 5 games for that day, and the biggest match-up is between the Eastern Conference leader the 18-7 Cavaliers of Cleveland playing at the Western Conference leader the 26-1 Warriors of Golden State with the game being played at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California with the tip-off scheduled for 5:05 PM ET and seen on ABC.

Please note that this article was written before the Cavaliers played the Knicks, and the Warriors played the Jazz both on Wednesday the 22nd of December 2015. Now the fans are wondering can the Cavaliers get revenge from their loss to the Warriors in the NBA Finals of 2015, or can the Warriors once again humble their visiting Cavaliers.

If you’re a fan of the Cavaliers of Cleveland and Bet on NBA at the SBG Sportsbook, your star and leader LeBron James is hoping on this Christmas Day his teammates are all healthy and ready for redemption, since they last season lost to the Warriors in the NBA Finals in June 2015. They did not lose because LeBron wasn’t performing; as he scored average scoring 36 points, 13.4 rebounds and 8.9 assists for the 6 game of the Finals.

What really crippled the team were their numerous injuries, but in this game his key players in I. Shumpert, K. Love and K. Irving all in good health and that can make their game of basketball more fruitful.

With K. Love, he gives the team a big man who can help on both offense and defense or as they say on both ends of the floor. To date Love is 2nd on the Cavs averaging 17.7 points each game and 11 rebounds. Meanwhile Irving may be rusty as he has only played 2 games to date this season, but still consider an improvement to their lineup.

Also having Shumpert back as a starter, the Cavaliers are with a specialist on defense to cover the Warriors Curry or Thompson in this game. To date in the 2015-16 Season the Cavs are with 1 of the better defenses as they are allowing opponents only 7.2-3 pointers each and 33 per cent shooting on same.

As this dater the Cavaliers are ranked 3rd allowing 95.7 points each game, and in their ultimate 2 games on the road they are 2-0!

For the fans of the wining 26-1 Warriors of Golden State, your team seeks another victory over the Cavaliers as the host Cleveland on this Christmas Day at their Oracle Arena in Oakland where in the last 10 games there against the Cavaliers the Warriors are at 5 and 5!

As we mentioned earlier the Warriors have a game with the Jazz of Utah before this game with the Cav’s, but regardless how that ends, the Warriors are still considered to have the best offense in the NBA, and scoring some 116 points each game and shooting the league best 48.9 percent from the field to date, and that is more important since many of their shots are from the deep zones.

The Warriors on those long shots at 31 attempts each game, which ranks 2nd in NBA and making 14 for 42 plus percent and that ranks 1st in the NBA. That really gives them a better performing offense than they had back in 2015. This season their MVP S. Curry of last season is scoring 32 points a game and 5-3 pointer each game to date. His splash brother teammate K. Thompson has been hot lately shooting some 31 points a game with a 54.7 percent completion in the five games prior to their last game with the Jazz.

In this game with the Cavaliers the Warriors on defense need to improve as in the Finals they were able to hold the Cavs to 94 points, but the Cleveland team had that time was crippled with injuries as they played without their star trio of James, Irving and Love on the game floor at the same time.

The online wagering prediction on the Christmas day match-up is that the Warriors of Golden State will win a close game over the Cavaliers of Cleveland with the final score being 110-108!

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