Chicago Bulls vs. New York Knicks Pro Basketball lines

September 20th, 2019 NBA Basketball

Here are the pro basketball lines for tonight´s Chicago Bulls at New York Knicks game for fans who enjoy betting on NBA games at SBG Global online sportsbook:

Chicago Bulls +3 (-110) 204 (-110) +135
NY Knicks -3 (-110) 204 (-110) -155

As one can see, the Knicks are the favorites to win this game, even though they have been losing a lot of momentum in past few weeks, most recently in a disappointing last second loss to the Philadelphia 76ers. To add insult to injury, the Knicks on and off court leader, Carmelo Anthony, was not able to score a single point in that game´s fourth quarter, although he had managed to score a game-best 28 points.

The Knicks squandered a double digit lead and lost for the ninth time in the past 1o games, and the second time that they have tasted defeat in the last seconds in the previous five games. Derrick Rose took it upon himself to lead the Knicks´ offensive charge in the last quarter – perhaps as means to make up for going AWOL on the team on Monday – but it was to no avail. The Knicks are sliding down the standings, but Anthony believes the time to panic has not come yet – and hopefully will never come. The Knicks will have a chance to get back on track when they host the Chicago Bulls on tonight, and according to the pro basketball lines, they will.

Bulls fans who like betting on NBA games aren´t much more confident in their team, as it turns out. It seems as if every week that passes, new – or old, as the case may be – rumors of Bulls players being traded keep cropping up. Then again, many of those rumors involve Jimmy Butler, the one player that the Bulls are almost 100% guaranteed not to trade. The Bulls´ shooting has been completely off the mark lately, something that will surely make the Knicks’s work on defense that much easier – unless Chicago manages to correct that in time for tonight’s game. And Rajon Rondo has been conspicuous by his absence – well, not really; one can spot him on the bench for most of any given game.

Unfortunately for the Bulls, Rondo’s benching has thrown the team’s entire rotation out of whack. One wonders whether Fred Hoiberg should start him, even if only to maintain the balance of things in the Bulls’ universe. One also wonders whether Chicago fans betting on NBA games are not starting to miss the aforementioned Derrick Rose, whom the Bulls traded to the Knicks during the offseason – or Joakim Noah for that matter too, also a Knick right now. Dwayne Wade or no Dwayne Wade, the Bulls are suffering from a dearth of true star power, and the pro basketball lines reflect that state of things. Butler certainly has his work cut out for him tonight if he wants to turn the ship around – then again, he can’t be expected to do everything all by himself.

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