Chicago Bulls Beat New Orleans Pelicans, 107-72

February 9, 2015 NBA Basketball

basketball sitting on hardwood floorWith football season out of the way, it’s time to look at the NBA, NCAA BB and MLB in future articles. Today, we take a look at a game in the 2014-15 NBA, as the 31-20 Chicago Bulls routed the 27-24 New Orleans Pelicans by a score of 107 to 72.

The game started out fairly close but then Rose and Gasol took the lead for the Bulls after Davis left the game with an arm injury, the result of a difficult fall, then with Rose and Gasol the Bulls easily beat the Pelicans in this Saturday night game.

With Davis’s injury, it was a struggle for the Pelican as he makes a big difference in their game plan, and that’s when Gasol for the Bulls stepped up and had 15 rebounds and 20 points in the game, and with that win they broke a 3 game losing streak for the Bulls. Rose also hit for 20 points in the Bulls 40-11 run after Davis left the game injured.

The play that took Davis out of the game was his dunk with two hands and received a lob from teammate Evans, and his body flung into the air after hold the rim with both hands, the all 240 pounds of the 6′ 10″ forward dropped to the floor as he lost his hold on the rim. He hit the court very hard but remained in the game for a short stint then took himself out of the game with 4:15 left in the 1st half and the score was tied at 35-35.

Leading in scoring for the Bulls was starters Gasol and Rose with 20 points, Snell off the bench accumulated 19 points and starter Butler with 18 points. They were 43-84 from the field for 51.2 % and 11-13 from the foul line for 84.6%.

For the Pelicans the scoring was from starter Evans with 15 points, from the bench Ajinca with 10 points, Fredene with 7 points, and starter Asik with 6 points. New Orleans was 32-86 from the field for 37.2% and 4-7 from the foul line fro 57.9%

The big turn in the game came in the 3rd quarter when Chicago had a 27 and 7 run that include some 3 pointers from Gasol and Snell and the a dunk from Butler put the Bulls in the lead to stay at 75-46 and with only 3:58 minutes left to play in the game.

After that the Pelicans of New Orleans never got within 20 points and trailed at times in the 4th quarter by as much as 36 points. That was a great setback after the Pelicans glorious victory over the OKC Thunder on Friday night when their Davis scored 41 points, including a 3 pointer that win the game as time ran out.

If you bet on NBA basketball at sportsbook, you should know that the Bull have no lost 2 consecutive games in New Orleans and overall at home they have won 17 and lost 8. Yes, in this game they struggled as they only had 7 free shots all game and only made 4 of them and their forward Anderson who was averaging 15.1 points per game only scored on 1 of his 11 field goal shots and from 3 point range he missed all 5 of his attempts. The next game for New Orleans is on Monday the 9th of February 2015 with the Utah Jazz.

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