Celtics Would Like to Make a Trade in NBA betting

January 10th, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

NBA betting on the Boston Celtics has not been as productive this year as last year for a number of reasons. The Celtics have had injuries this basketball betting season but they also look old.  Boston president of basketball operations Danny Ainge is considering making a trade to improve the team for the season half of the NBA betting season.

NBA betting had the Celtics losing to New Orleans on Wednesday.  It was just another game in which the Celtics gave a game away.  Boston didn’t used to lose leads late in NBA betting games but it has happened way too often this season. NBA betting stats indicate that the Celtics have blown eight double-digit second-half leads this season.

Basketball betting has Ainge considering making a trade but it will not be easy.  Basketball betting had a rumored deal that would send Glen Davis to Charlotte for D.J. Augustin not happening. “We haven’t had any discussions with Charlotte,” Ainge said. “There was some speculation that they were looking for a four [power forward], and we were looking for a backup point guard. People try to put things together. We have had no discussions. I like the player in the trade [Augustin], but we like Glen Davis a lot too.”

The Celtics would like to move Ray Allen but he has not been playing that well and he has injury issues.  Basketball betting has Boston below .500 since winning in Orlando back on Christmas Day.  Making a trade would seem logical for Boston. “I think a trade is one way to fix it, if it’s a trade that helps you,” said Ainge. “I think that, first of all, health is going to fix [our struggles]. Our guys are going to get more healthy as the year goes on, I’ve been saying that, and I still believe that. I don’t know what we’re going to be able to do from a trade standpoint, trades are very difficult to do in the NBA right now.” In the NBA betting loss to New Orleans it was a similar collapse by Boston. “Our starters struggled,” head coach Doc Rivers said. “Kevin struggled in the second half and Paul forced too much due to the struggling of the team.”

The NBA betting question becomes whether or not the Celtics will make a deal. “We’re going to try to do something. I feel like we need to do something. It might be something very small, tweak the personality of our team.” Ainge said.


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