Celtics vs Lakers dream NBA finals odds at SBG Global

January 11th, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

Celtics vs Lakers dream NBA finals odds at SBG Global. NBA finals odds fans often nostalgically reflect on what are perceived as better days in the NBA finals betting. Over the past decade the drama and excitement that are often associated with NBA finals odds and NBA finals betting has been missing. But this year with the potential dream match up of the Celtics vs. the Lakers in the NBA finals odds a real possibility fans are being reminded of the epic battles these historic franchises waged in the 1980’s playoffs.

NBA finals odds are always exciting no matter how you look at them but there seems to be a sliding scale as to how exciting the NBA finals odds match ups really are. Take for example the most recent NBA finals odds match ups (Spurs vs. Cavs, Mavs vs. Heat, etc) and it’s easy to see that something has been lacking in the NBA finals betting over the past few years. But a potential LA Lakers and Boston Celtics match up in this years NBA finals odds would seem to offer the perfect remedy for this malady.

As the NBA finals odds are shaping up right now even the most hardened cynic can’t deny that the Lakers and the Celtics, at least on paper are the top two teams in their respective conferences and at this point the two most likely teams to be featured in the NBA finals odds. There won’t be any Magic and Bird moments, but with superstars like Kevin Garnett and Kobe Bryant now wearing the uniforms of the most storied franchises in NBA finals odds history there is plenty of potential for memorable moments in such an NBA finals betting match up.

So if you’ve been indifferent to the NBA finals odds over the past few seasons be sure to take note this season as two of the all time great NBA finals odds franchises have a chance to square off once again on the game’s biggest stage. And with a colorful new cast of characters and superstars filling both rosters there should be little reason for basketball fans to feel disappointed with a Lakers and Celtics NBA finals odds match up.


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