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January 11th, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

Bet NBA playoffs action often and you’re sure to know that the Boston Celtics are well positioned to make a run at a second consecutive NBA playoffs odds championship. After assembling a formidable roster in free agency last season the Celtics brought the title back to town and added to the team’s already substantial bet NBA playoffs success. This year the team is on track for another run deep into the post season but many challenges remain.

Bet NBA playoffs fans have seen this team hit a rough patch just as the regular season expires and the NBA playoffs odds begin. There are many ways to look into the Celts’ late season skid. Some NBA playoffs pundits see it as no big deal, the team already had the two seed locked up and it was a good chance to rest the team’s aging corps of veterans before the playoffs. Much of the team’s poor results could be attributed to the absence of star Kevin Garnett.

But there are also the bet NBA playoffs experts that see trouble on the horizon for this team and it has to do explicitly with Garnett’s health. KG essentially missed the last month of the regular season and question marks abound as to his health in the upcoming NBA playoffs odds competition. His knee has been the source of his pain and it’s not quite clear in what kind of shape he’ll be in when the post season begins.

If Garnett is 100% than the Celtics have to be considered one of the top picks in the bet NBA playoffs action to win the NBA title. But if Garnett is less than his best this team could easily fall short of repeating as the NBA champs. Garnett is such an important component of this team, especially on the defensive front, that many people believe he’s the single most important player on the team.

The Celtics have plenty of talented players, but without Garnett they lack an inside presence necessary to win the bet NBA playoffs ultimate prize. The rest of the team, Ray Allen, Paul Peirce and the talented roll players are all in good form, but they need KG to be the best they can be. And this year the team must be at its best with Cleveland much improved and the Magic also looking to steal the Celts bet NBA playoffs magic.

In contrast to last season’s success, it could be a very short post season for the Celtics in this year’s bet NBA playoffs action. Open a New Account and take a look at all of the choices for the 2009 NBA Playoffs available at SBG Global.


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