Cavaliers want to be a Part of NBA Finals Odds Next Year

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

The NBA Finals odds this season did not include the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Owner Dan Gilbert really wants to make the NBA Finals next year and he is willing to spend a lot of money to get there.  The Cavaliers had a successful regular season in basketball odds but they couldn’t make it in NBA Finals odds.

NBA Finals odds were supposed to include LeBron James and the Cavaliers but the team disappointed yet again.  The Cavaliers are hoping that James comes back next season and they are hoping that they can find someone to coach the team.  Michigan State’s Tom Izzo rejected the Cavaliers, in part because he couldn’t get a commitment from James that he would be back with Cleveland next season.  Not many coaches want to take the Cleveland job if James is not going to be leading the Cavaliers.

There is a chance that the Cavaliers won’t have a coach until James decided whether or not he is going to stay with Cleveland.  Izzo turned down about $30 million and other top coaches would really want to wait on James until making a decision. 

Cleveland is preparing for the NBA Draft that takes place in a few days without a head coach. The Cavaliers are more concerned about James than they are about the draft. Cleveland is in total flux because they don’t have a coach and they don’t know if James is coming back next season.  The free agent period begins on July 1st so it shouldn’t be long after that before Cleveland gets a decision from James. That doesn’t help them now though as they don’t have a head coach or much direction.  General manager Chris Grant said the team will wait as long as they have to on James.

Cleveland would like to bring in Byron Scott for an interview but they may have to wait on him as well. Scott would much rather coach the Lakers and if Phil Jackson decides to walk away from the Lakers then Scott would be a candidate there as well.  The coaching search for Cleveland all comes down to James.  The Cavaliers may have to wait for their superstar to make a decision before they can hire a coach. It is not the best situation as the team gets ready for the next season of basketball odds but it is their only choice.

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