Can Wade Lift the Heat? NBA Playoffs Betting at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA playoffs betting fans can remember back just three years ago when the Miami Heat captured their first NBA playoffs odds title in franchise history.

Much has happened since then to this team that fallen quickly since then and even failed to qualify for the NBA playoffs betting season last year. But the one thing that has remained constant has been Dwyane Wade’s stellar play which has led the team back into the 2009 NBA playoffs odds competition.

NBA playoffs betting is always wide open but this year, at least in the East there are several teams that have dominated in the run up the NBA playoffs betting and in all honesty, the Heat has not been one of them. But that doesn’t meant that this team can turn it on and make a surprise run in the NBA playoffs odds once the action begins. In order to be successful in NBA playoffs betting you need a superstar. The reason for this is that the officiating in games is rotten and a superstar will always get any questionable call in his favor. No one in the league, or in the NBA playoffs betting, is better at this than Wade.

However, to say that this is the basis of Wade’s success would be ridiculous. Most NBA playoffs fans will admit that he gets his share of phantom calls, but there is a reason why he shoots so many free throws: he’s simply better than everyone else. There is no real weakness in Wade’s game and it’s all but impossible for opposing NBA playoffs odds competitors to stop him.

If there were two of him on the team, the Heat would be one of the NBA playoffs betting favorites. But there’s not, and so the Heat will begin on the road against the Atlanta Hawks. As the five-seed in the Eastern Conference NBA playoffs betting the Heat will have their work cut for them. The Heat has already made an incredible turnaround from last season’s 15-win season by locking up a place in the NBA playoffs odds.

But Wade is one of the rare players in the NBA playoffs betting than can carry a team on his back, at least through one round. The biggest problem for the Heat is that his supporting cast is mediocre at best and will provide little help should Wade see a constant double team in the NBA playoffs betting action.

The Heat have a chance to make it out of the first and maybe even the second round, but any further in the NBA playoffs betting is simply wishful thinking. Open a New Account and take a look at all of the choices for the 2009 NBA Playoffs available at SBG Global.

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