Bounce Backs in NBA Playoffs Betting at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA playoffs betting can be all about teams bouncing back.

NBA playoffs betting can be different than the regular season because teams are playing each other in a 7 game series. This means that teams will oftentimes bounce back against the NBA playoffs odds after a bad performance.

NBA playoffs betting will show that teams coming off bad losses are oftentimes good bets in the next game. Blowouts are just not expected by the NBA playoffs oddsmakers and sometimes they don’t know how to react.
Do you make the NBA playoffs odds higher on the team that played so well because the public will bet them or do you expect that the team that played poorly will play better the next game? The public will usually overreact to a great performance and bet the team in the next game in NBA playoffs betting. They will also overreact to a bad performance and go against that team in the next game of NBA playoffs betting. This means the NBA playoffs oddsmaker must set a line anticipating this action. And it may not be an accurate line but one that simply anticipates public betting.

The bottom line with blowouts in NBA playoff betting is not to overreact. Don’t believe that just because a team looked great it will continue in the next game and conversely, don’t always expect a team that played poorly to do so again in the next game. Remember in NBA playoff betting to not read too much into any single result. The two teams are facing each other over and over again in possibly seven straight games. It is unlikely that a team will totally dominate another in every game during the playoffs. A bounce back is definitely possible in NBA playoffs betting from a team that was blown out in the previous game.

NBA playoffs betting can be similar in some respects to other forms of betting. Teams are rarely as good as they looked in the last game or as bad as they looked. Don’t overreact to one game in NBA playoffs betting. Expect teams to bounce back and your chances of success in NBA playoffs betting will be better.

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