Basketball Betting on the Boston Celtics

January 15th, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

Basketball betting on the Boston Celtics for the 2009-2010 season is not far around the bend, and they are very big bet on basketball favorites to win the NBA Championship at +450 behind only the Lakers who are at +235 and the Cavs at +325.

Basketball wagering ended earlier this year for the Celtics when they lost to Orlando in the Conference Semifinals. A matter of moments later the Boston Celtics knew exactly what they were going to do, and they targeted their newest basketball betting player: Rasheed Wallace. The former Detroit Pistons player finished up his 5 year basketball wagering contract and Boston saw him as ripe for the picking.

Coach Glenn “Doc” Rivers is one of the team’s greatest basketball wagering strengths. You’d think a star player would be the source of the team’s basketball wagering force, but because of Coach Rivers’ training and management of the team, the Celtics rank 2nd in the league as far as their defense. What’s great about it is that even as Garnett took a hit in a bet on basketball against the Jazz and went down with an injury, their defense remained, and that’s all thanks to the Doc.

The Celtics are also very fortunate to have a man like Paul Pierce on their basketball wagering roster. This man survived a near fatal stabbing incident to start every single game that very basketball betting season only a month after. He was poked up 11 times in the face back and neck, and had a bottle broken over his head to boot. This man is a trooper and dedicated to the bet on basketball game.

Add Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen to the already destructive equation of Wallace and Pierce and you have a team that will even make their opponents’ high school basketball wagering coach shiver.

The Celtics may be one of the best basketball betting teams out there, but can they still hack it? A lot of their players are over 30, and that would be fine in any other team, but with the Celtics it turns out that each of their star bet on basketball players is old. Garnett, Allen, Pierce, Eddie House, and Brian Scalabrine are all just a shade over 30, and Rasheed Wallace is a whopping 35. The man is practically facing midlife basketball wagering crisis.

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