Boston Celtics at Golden State Basketball Betting

January 15th, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

Basketball betting on the Boston Celtics should be interesting on Monday as the team travels to Golden State for a game against the Warriors. Many NBA betting fans are expecting vast improvement from the Charlotte Bobcats this season. The Bobcats traded away their 8th pick in the draft to Golden State for Jason Richardson. The Bobcats are hoping Richardson immediately upgrades their team because they paid a high price to get him. Brandan Wright was the 8th overall pick and many experts that look at the NBA betting lines believe he will be a very good NBA player. With the addition of Richardson the Bobcats should finally be able to score a little bit more and make an impact on the NBA betting lines.

Gerald Wallace and Raymond Felton can score at times while Adam Morrison is supposed to score. The problem for Charlotte and for those looking at the NBA betting lines last year is most of the time he didn’t. Fans looking at the NBA betting lines see that the starting linesup for Charlotte has Emeka Okafor in the middle with Sean May and Gerald Wallace at the forwards. Fans of the NBA betting lines see that the guards are Felton and Richardson. This linesup has five players who averaged double-digits in scoring last season and that is good news if you are a fan of the NBA betting lines. Not every team in the NBA can say that. Boston Celtics.

Gerald Wallace is a good defender, blocks shots and rebounds. Fans looking at the NBA betting lines can see that Sean May is a decent scorer and Okafor continues to improve. The places are starting to fall into piece for Charlotte and they could make noise versus the NBA betting lines. The Bobcats did lose Brevin Knight in the off-season so Felton is going to have to pick up the slack. NBA betting fans know that Richardson will definitely help as well. He is a scorer that Charlotte has lacked in recent seasons and fans of the NBA betting lines have noticed. The Bobcats have a solid starting five but no real superstar player.

Fans of NBA betting know that Richardson has the potential to be that player but time will tell. NBA betting fans know that the key for Charlotte will be getting Felton to play well and for Morrison to provide good play off the bench. If those two things happen then Charlotte can at least cause teams some problems and make noise against the NBA betting lines. Fans of NBA betting know that making the playoffs may be too much of a stretch but the Bobcats are not far off. Charlotte is definitely a team worth looking at on the NBA betting lines this season.


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