Blazers Profile to Bet on NBA Playoffs

January 16th, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

Blazers Profile to Bet on NBA Playoffs. Bet on NBA playoffs sites boast of a wide variety of information and statistical archives that are valuable to any betting fan. But one thing that all those numbers and commentary cannot gauge is the impact of a rabid Portland fan base once the NBA playoffs betting begins. The Portland Trailblazers are back in the bet on NBA playoffs action for the first time in almost a decade and the team and the fans are ready to make some noise.

Bet on NBA playoffs pundits are split on the team’s chances in the NBA playoffs betting. On paper this team is as impressive as any in the West with third best record in the conference. However, it’s also the youngest team in the league and has zero bet on NBA playoffs experience. That makes the Blazers a very mercurial entity in the NBA playoffs betting.

But aside from a lack of experience this team has few negatives if you’re looking to bet on NBA playoffs action. True this is a very young team but the core group of players has been together for most of the past three years and grown together as unit, especially through the low points of the previous seasons. So even though many of the team’s stars are still under the age of 25, they’re veterans for the most part even if they don’t have any bet on NBA playoffs experience.

This team is also loaded with talented and has arguably the deepest roster in the bet on NBA playoffs. It’s almost like a hockey team in the fact that it has two complete rotations of players and coach Nate McMillan deploys them almost like a hockey coach would use a second shift. The Blazers use a 10 man rotation and lose very little when the second unit is in. In fact, the bet on NBA playoffs opponents of the Blazers have got to be vary wary of this tactic. The second unit of the Blazers actually ups the tempo when on the floor and for this creates big conditioning problems for their opponents.

The biggest weakness of the Blazers is the point guard spot which could be problem in the bet on NBA playoffs. However, the defense is loaded with big shot blockers in the middle that limit opponent’s penetration in the paint. The biggest strength of the team however, aside from its depth, is star shooting guard Brandon Roy, who is the most underrated player in the bet on NBA playoffs, if not the league. He’s the leader of the squad and a 25-5-5 type of player night in and night out.

The Blazers host the Rockets in the first round of the bet on NBA playoffs action and if the team advances to the second round the other NBA playoffs betting teams in the West had better take note.

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