Big Three NBA Betting Lines in Western Conference at SBG Global

January 16th, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

Big Three NBA Betting Lines in Western Conference at SBG Global. NBA wagering lines on Western Conference games oftentimes have the big three of San Antonio, Dallas and Phoenix favored. With apologies to the Utah Jazz and Houston Rockets, the big three get most of the respect out West in terms of NBA lines.

NBA wagering lines on the big three have them favored for good reason.  The Spurs have the best starting lineup in the NBA, the best coach, and the most experience.  That means they will be favored nearly every game against NBA betting lines.  The Dallas Mavericks have Dirk Nowitzki who is great during the regular season and a team full of talent.  This makes the Mavericks a heavy favorite in NBA betting lines on most nights.  The Phoenix Suns have the most potent offense in the NBA with a run and gun style that has them favored in most NBA gaming lines.

Each of the big three does have a weakness but during the regular season it is rare it gets exposed.  NBA wagering lines have the big three favored because regular season basketball is different than playoff basketball.  NBA lines in the playoffs will have each of the three less of a favorite.  The Spurs are getting older; the Mavericks choke in the playoffs and the Suns struggle in the half court and versus NBA gaming  lines in the playoffs.

NBA betting lines in the regular season have the big three as dominant favorites because the rest of the league struggles to find ways to attack these teams.  The Spurs are battle tested and tough to handle for any team.  The Suns run teams into the ground and the Mavericks usually have enough scoring to win and cover NBA betting lines.  Each of these teams gets respect from the NBA lines oddsmaker on a regular basis.

The Western Conference is the deeper and more talented conference in the NBA and that is reflected in the NBA betting lines.  The East looks a little better now that Boston is good but overall the Western conference gets more respect from the public and from the NBA lines oddsmaker.  The big three of San Antonio, Dallas and Phoenix definitely get that respect in NBA betting lines on a nightly basis.


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