Big Favorites in NBA Basketball Odds at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

Big Favorites in NBA Basketball Odds at SBG Global

How do you go about deciding which big favorites are worthy of a wager and which ones are not when you are betting NBA basketball odds?

NBA basketball odds will be tilted a bit toward the high profile teams. If you want to bet the Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers and other marquee teams, you are going to pay a little extra to do so. That does not mean you can’t win money with them though versus the NBA basketball odds. You just have to pick and choose your spots effectively when betting NBA basketball odds.

What you don’t want to do is continually lay more points than you should versus the NBA odds. That is a recipe for losing money in the long term. The NBA has become a bit top heavy so you can take power teams like Boston or the Lakers sometimes but you definitely have to pick and choose your spots. Just blindly betting them every game versus the NBA basketball odds is probably not going to work, especially with the Lakers. They are the most public team in NBA basketball odds and are almost always overvalued.

Keep in mind that the NBA odds maker knows what the public is likely to do and he is going to charge that more popular side with more points. The value is rarely going to be with the Lakers or Celtics in NBA basketball odds. That means you need to be very selective when you lay big points in NBA basketball odds with Boston or the Lakers.

Laying double digits in NBA basketball odds always is risky but it can be done sometimes against teams that have quit. A team like Washington or the Clippers may just not play up to their abilities and when that happens gamblers can lay big points in NBA odds and come away with victories. When a team has quit for the season they will oftentimes get blown out, especially in today’s NBA.

Normally in sports betting, including NBA odds betting, the way to make money is take the underdogs. You can’t just take all of the underdogs and win though. Favorites can be a profitable way to bet NBA basketball odds, you just need to intelligently pick and choose your spots.

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