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January 16th, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

NBA odds are very exciting in the postseason where the intensity, emotion, and qualities of teams are definitely higher than in the drawn out regular season. Fans who normally don’t watch much of the regular season will now get involved in wagering on NBA odds during the NBA playoff season.

NBA odds should be wagered on a bit different in the playoffs than in the regular season. The first thing to remember when you are wagering on the NBA playoffs is that the regular season has little to do with the playoffs. Just because a team had a great regular season does not guarantee success in the playoffs. You often see a team do great in the regular season versus NBA basketball odds and then get wiped out in the first round of the playoffs because playoff basketball is different than regular season basketball.

As you look at NBA odds in the playoffs you will find one of the most popular Betting Postseason theories. It is when you take the loser of the previous game in NBA basketball odds. This is as simple as it gets, but it has been known to work. The NBA odds makers have caught up to this theory and it doesn’t work as well as it used to, but it still should be kept in mind. You have to remember that once a trend like this becomes well known it is not as valuable as it once was.

Another great way for a gambler to bet NBA odds in the playoffs is to do so with a series bet. This is where you take NBA odds on a team to win a series, rather than bet on individual games. This is good news for both professional and public players because it offers the pros interesting value angles and it offers the public a chance to be in action for the whole series with just one bet. You definitely want to consider the series bet option when you bet NBA odds in the playoffs.

You definitely want to remain in control during the NBA Betting Postseason and not get too carried away versus the NBA basketball odds. There are a lot of games and you don’t have to all of the NBA odds the first week. The playoffs last for a couple of months. You will be presented with a lot of good opportunities for profit in NBA odds. Those chances will come in terms of must win games, excellent series bet values in NBA basketball odds, road dogs, etc. If you keep your eye sharp and remain patient, you have a real chance to make money betting NBA odds in the Betting Postseason.

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