Betting on NBA games? How about Mavericks versus Heat

September 18th, 2019 NBA Basketball

Dallas and Miami fans who enjoy betting on NBA games will be regaled with the Mavericks at Heat game on Thursday, January 19th at American Airlines Arena. As ever, they can do their basketball gambling at SBG Global online sportsbook.

Dallas Mavs Betting on NBA Games

The Mavs managed to string together three consecutive wins for the first time this season at the expense of the Bulls, whom they knocked out cold with a game-winning three-pointer with 12 seconds to go by Wesley Matthews – who also was crucial in defending the one-point lead as the game drew to a close. All five Dallas starters plus one reserve scored double digits. Speaking of the starting lineup, the quintet of Deron Williams, Seth Curry, Matthews, Harrison Barnes, and Dirk Nowitzki is really starting to gel. Oops, hope we didn’t jinx it. Nowitzki has only been able to play in 15 games this season, and is still not quite at a 100% after a nagging right Achilles tendon.

Names on Court

Moreover, Williams, Devin Harris, JJ Barea, and Andrew Bogut have all had involuntary downtime, and Curry is new to the starting five. However, and according to head coach Rick Carlisle, what the Mavs need is not a balanced rotation, but balanced offensive. “The key for us to win is going to be balance on offense. We need a lot of guys sharing the scoring responsibilities,” Carlisle said. “We are picking up the pace with Dirk and Barea back in there. We are showing signs in making some progress.”

Miami Heat

The Heat snapped a four-game losing streak and upset basketball gambling odds – as well as many people betting on NBA games – by defeating the Houston Rockets 109-103. Miami took a lot of damage from James Harden and his beard, but as they say, there is no I in team. Nor in Heat, for that matter. Miami took a page out of Bob the Builder’s playbook and overcame the Rockets with a concerted team effort. Dion Waiters had 17 points, Tyler Johnson 16, James Johnson 15, and Hassan Whiteside posted 14 points and 15 boards. There were 15 lead changes throughout the game, but the Heat scored eight unanswered points in the fourth quarter to come out on top. Whiteside is having an All Star caliber-season, though his face may prevent him from getting All Star game votes.

At least that’s his theory. “I feel like if you put a blackout screen and just put my numbers up there people (would say), ‘Oh, man, how is he not an All-Star?” he said. Interesting concept. It could also be the fact that the better Whiteside plays, the more the Heat lose. Miami is 3-13 when Whiteside scores 20 or more points, and 2-10 when he has 20 points and 15 rebounds. So instead of “trying to get more wins for these guys” maybe he should actually try to hold back a little. Basketball gambling fans who like betting on NBA games might appreciate. After all, the regular season is more important than the All Star game.

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