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November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

Bet on the NBA finals fans have been waiting nearly a year for their beloved event to roll around

Now that the NBA finals are fast approaching NBA finals betting fans are scrambling for their picks as the wild 2008 NBA season plays out. Last year, anyone that bet on the NBA finals saw the Spurs capture their fourth crown in nine years, and this year anyone that places a bet on the NBA finals could very well see the Spurs win their fifth title in 10 years.

Bet on the NBA finals experts have seen the Spurs go through their ups and downs over the past season but for the most part there has been a lot more ups than downs. With just five games left in the regular season NBA finals betting analysts like this team’s chances of repeating as the bet on the NBA finals champs. The team is currently two games behind the Hornets with a less than a week left to play before the bet on the NBA finals road begins. That puts the Spurs at either the four or five seed when the teams begin the post season battle for the bet on the NBA finals battle.

That lead is hardly insurmountable and many NBA finals fans expect the team to greatly increase its playoff seedings before the end of the regular season. People who bet on the NBA finals are still holding out hope that the Spurs can catch the Hornets and capture the number one seed on the road to picking up bets on the NBA finals. But even if the team does start the bet on the NBA finals road with a four or five seed, the team’s chances of bet on the NBA finals victory are still very much alive.

No team will make it out the west and be featured in a bet on the NBA finals match up with out facing hard teams. So in the eyes of many NBA finals betting experts it makes little difference if the team faces a challenging opponent in the opening rounds of the bet on the NBA finals path or not. What does matter is that this team is talented as any in the league and it has the experience and court smarts to come out on top of yet another bet on the NBA finals contest.

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