Bet on the NBA Finals Using Trends at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

Bet on the NBA finals action begins each June when the two best teams in the NBA compete for the title.

Gamblers from all over the world look at NBA finals betting and try to come up with angles and trends that can help them win money. Let’s take a look at current trends that might help you as you bet on the NBA finals.

Bet on the NBA finals trends can include past data and current data. Let’s consider this year’s data as we bet on the NBA finals. If you are considering betting totals in NBA finals betting you should know that this year the unders are coming in just about 56% of the time. When you look to bet on the NBA finals you definitely want to consider betting unders.

Data from the 2008 playoffs show that favorites are doing quite well against the spread. When you bet on the NBA finals this season you may want to strongly consider the favored team. So far in 2008, favorites are covering the spread over 60% of the time and home teams have just been money in the bank. If the home team trends continue you will seriously want to consider taking the home favorite in each game in your NBA finals betting.

As you bet on the NBA finals you will discover that the point spread on the favored team gets higher. The public is not going to want to bet on the NBA finals and take the underdog or the road team. You will oftentimes see a home favorite laying a point or two more than is justified as you bet on the NBA finals. It is similar to the Super Bowl where the public loves to be the favorite. This does give you value if you like the underdog when you bet on the NBA finals. The total is not heavily bet either way in NBA finals betting simply for the fact that the public just doesn’t bet totals very much in the NBA. It is not like the Super Bowl where the public will bet side and total. Usually when the public gets involved in NBA finals betting it is only with side wagering.

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