Lakers a Surprise to Those that Bet on Basketball at SBG Global

January 18th, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

Bet on basketball experts are definitely surprised this season by the play of the Los Angeles Lakers. With all of the Kobe Bryant trade rumors it was expected that the Lakers would collapse.  That has not happened and the Lakers look like a playoff team so far this season to those that bet on basketball.

Bet on basketball gamblers have seen the Lakers start the season at 6-3 including a win over the team that was rumored to be interested in Kobe, the Chicago Bulls.  Gamblers that bet on basketball saw Kobe play a complete game in the win over the Bulls as he had 18 points, three assists and five rebounds in only 32 minutes as Los Angeles routed the hapless Bulls.  Many gamblers that bet on NBA action expected that Kobe would have been traded by now.  Those that bet on basketball expected the Lakers to fold with all of the controversy but that has not happened.  The Lakers have shocked those that bet on basketball and many experts that bet on NBA action see the Lakers as a team that has a lot of young talent.

Those that bet on NBA action remember that the Bulls were a team interested.  Gamblers that bet on basketball remember that Chicago would have had to give up Luol Deng, guard Ben Gordon and rookie Joakim Noah and that was a price that they were unwilling to pay.  Kobe may be better off he didn’t get traded according to experts that bet on NBA action.  The Lakers seem to have a better team with him than anywhere he might have been traded to according to those that bet on basketball.

Kobe Bryant is still a little cautious as those that bet on basketball heard. “I don’t know,” he said. “For us, it just depends on staying healthy and continuing to stay focused. You can’t get too excited. We had a tough schedule to start the season and still do and we managed to keep our heads above water to this point. We can’t get excited about it. It’s early, still early in the season. We have to stay focused and that’s my job, to keep us focused and continue to move forward.”  Gamblers that bet on basketball may want to keep a close eye on the Lakers.  They have provided good value and could be worth future wagers from gamblers that bet on basketball.


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