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January 18th, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

Bet NBA interest has increased worldwide in recent seasons with the addition of Yao Ming to the league. Yao has made the NBA more than a sport that is followed in the United States and Yi Jianlian is continuing that trend for fans that bet NBA action.

Bet NBA interest in countries like China continues to increase.  Yao’s Rockets and Yi’s Bucks met last week and the interest in China was huge.  The media contingent that was at Friday’s game was something usually only seen for political figures.  People that bet NBA action were still shocked at how many people watched the game in China. It was estimated that 200 million viewers in China tuned into the game.  To get an idea of how staggering that number is you can just think back to the Patriots and Colts game where 34 million tuned in.  That may give you an idea of just how popular the NBA is in China when Yao or Yi is playing.  In case you were wondering, those fans that made their basketball bet on Yao and the Rockets were rewarded as the Rockets won and covered 104-88 over Yi and the Bucks.

Many experts that bet NBA action on a regular basis consider the Rockets a serious threat in the Western Conference.  The Mavericks and Suns are the two teams that get all the press but Houston has a new coach, a winning philosophy and the star players in Yao and Tracy McGrady to make a serious run in the Western Conference for fans that look at making a basketball bet.  Most basketball bet experts don’t believe the Bucks are a serious contender in the Eastern Conference but they do have one advantage that the Rockets do not have and that is playing in a weaker conference.  Those experts that bet NBA action consider the East much easier than the West and it is not out of the question for the Bucks to make the playoffs for fans that make a basketball bet.

As you bet NBA action it is interesting to consider the International factor.  China has produced two stars in Yao and Yi while other countries continue to send great players to the NBA as well.  Those that bet NBA action may want to keep in mind that China is not going away in terms of basketball bet action.  The Beijing Olympics are just around the corner and China will be taking the spotlight from the entire world when it comes to bet NBA action.  Yao and Yi are already stars in China and they are capable of becoming stars in the United States as well and making an impact for those that bet NBA action.


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