Battered Warriors Still 2020 NBA Finals Betting Odds Favorites

June 14th, 2019 NBA Basketball, Sports Betting

At the onset of the 2018-19 season Golden State was an understandable favorite to win the NBA championship.  After all the Warriors were coming off four consecutive appearances with the NBA Finals betting odds. Golden State had won three of the four and two in a row.  Concurrently the Warriors were figured to dispose of Toronto Raptors in this year’s Finals.  In comparison to past years there were warnings that Golden State was not of past vintages.  Of great concern were key injuries that were holding them down most of the playoffs.  Toronto’s win should not surprise.

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Shorthanded for Finals

A clear difference exists for Golden State and the rest of the Association.  As the current pro basketball dynasty, the Warriors blind unsophisticated gamblers.  For example, Golden State was the NBA Finals Betting Odds favorite even without their best player.  Kevin Durant’s injury should have turned away the betting public in the Finals.  Even so casual money flowed towards the Warriors to the bitter end.  It was a classic case of a marquee name brand carrying cache.  There is no evidence that the NBA Finals failure to the Raptors will cause any changes.  Golden State still tops the board.

Not So Golden State of Value

Even when healthy the Warriors are a consistently bad sports betting value.  Consider that Golden State paid in only 35 of 82 regular season games.  Despite the fact that the Warriors won 57 games straight up.  In the playoffs Golden State got the money in only eight of their last 21 games.  In comparison to other teams the Warriors are simply too popular.  The average person doesn’t scratch beneath the surface of the name brand of the past champions.  Most problematic were home games.  Fashion Golden State paid in only three of 11 playoff games as a home favorite.

Durant’s Status

Of major concern is the injury to Kevin Durant.  He immediately had surgery after limping off the court at Toronto in game five.  Durant’s ruptured calf is likely to cost him the entire 2019-20 season.  Concurrently that has not really had an affect on futures betting.  Golden State is still favored even as gamblers know Durant is out.  With 26 points per game in the regular season he is irreplaceable.  Further, Durant averaged 32.2 points per outing in the playoffs.

A Flurry of Curry

Encompassing the Warriors predicament is the added burden placed on Stephen Curry.  Golden State’s six-time All-Star and two-time NBA Most Valuable Player will be key.  Curry averaged 28.2 points per game in the playoffs.  In the same way he pumped in 27.3 points per game in the regular season.  The end result proved to be that Golden State needed more.  Curry found he couldn’t do it alone.

Matchup to Watch

In this situation we have a public that is betting on the past.  Golden State has too many serious problems with the NBA Finals Betting Odds.  Hence Durant’s absence, lack of depth, and improved competition.  Accordingly, the NBA now knows that the Warriors can be had.  Their aura of inevitability is over.

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On this occasion gamblers should handle Golden State with care.

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