Basketball Playoffs Betting Bankroll

January 19th, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

If you want to make money in basketball playoffs betting then you need to have a bankroll. Sure, you can get lucky and hit a parlay and roll it over into more money but that is the exception, not the rule.  To win money in basketball betting you need to have money to make your wagers.

Basketball playoffs betting odds give you a lot of chances to make money. There are games all the way through the middle of June.  You don’t have to bet every game on the board. Most gamblers want to win right now so they don’t have any patience. There is plenty of time to find excellent spots in the NBA playoffs.

If you are going to be wagering against the basketball betting line during the playoffs then you need to be prepared with a solid bankroll. While some people don’t even think in terms of a bankroll, they should. When you think of your bankroll, how much do you wager on each game? The proper percentage for your wagers is 5% of your overall bankroll.  Actually, 2.5 percent or even one percent is a better percentage but since most people won’t go that low, we’ll stick with 5%. Most people don’t even do the 5% and that is one reason why they lose. One of the biggest reasons for a gambler to bet a low percentage of his overall bankroll is so he can withstand the slumps that will occur in the playoffs. For example, let’s say you have a $1000 bankroll and you are betting $100 per game.  One bad week of results versus the basketball betting line will reduce that bankroll to nothing. Betting ten percent of your bankroll on each game is just too high. There is no way that you can sustain this money management style and survive the entire playoffs unless you are extremely good or very lucky.

There is a better way to look at basketball playoffs betting. It has you wagering two percent or less of your gambling bankroll. This makes it possible to withstand a bad week or two and still have money left in your bankroll. You will still make money and you will have the security of not losing everything. Show some patience as you wager vs. the NBA playoffs line. There is plenty of time to make money in the playoffs.


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