Basketball Odds: Boston Celtics vs. New York Knicks

December 29, 2011 NBA Basketball

Celtics vs Knicks game is a clash between two of the best teams in the Eastern conference.  New York has emerged to be one of the best teams in the east thanks to their acquisition of Carmelo Anthony who was added to the team after they got Amare Stoudemire.  The two did pretty well together last season but this year is expected to be great for the team.  Not only have they gained experience to play with each other already which makes them more comfortable, they have added great players to the line up.  

One person that will make a big difference in their line up is Tyson Chandler who is well-known for his defensive skills.  He will make it hard for anyone who tries to get to the basket just like what he did with Miami’s players in the Finals.  Baron Davis is also a great addition for a team who is having trouble at the point guard position.  He is expected to make plays for Melo and Amare along with Mike Bibby. Start your Basketball Betting action on Boston Celtics vs. New York Knicks game.

The Celtics on the other hand are still pretty much the same team that played last year.  They still have their main guys together which still makes them a formidable team but lately, none of their players have risen up to the occasion to take the team to the level that it was at when the team won the NBA Finals. The team is getting old buy you really can’t count them out.  They can have a good game and make most of their shots to win the game.  But it is highly unlikely. Check the Basketball Odds for Chicago Bulls vs. Los Angeles Lakers game.

If you are confused whether which team you should bet on, New York is a much better choice.  The odds are in their favor even though the team is not that synchronized yet because of the explosiveness of their players and the better defense that Chandler brings to the team.

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