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February 1st, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

Basketball betting NBA online odds will oftentimes have the normal betting options like side, total, parlays and teasers, but what about other options like future bets. One interesting bet that might be of some interest to basketball online gamblers is who will win the NBA scoring title.  Let’s consider the scoring title as a basketball betting NBA online wager.

Basketball NBA online gamblers really only consider two players a threat to win the NBA scoring title.  The two players are Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Those are the two basketball online favorites to win the scoring title.  Gamblers that look at basketball NBA online odds on a regular basis realize that Kobe and LeBron will probably compete for the scoring title this season.  Basketball online gamblers may like LeBron in the race but James himself thinks it is all about Kobe. “That guy in L.A. is not going to let anyone,” James said.  Basketball NBA online gamblers do know one thing though.

They know that LeBron is going to get a lot more triple-doubles than Kobe does.  James has four already this season.  If you are looking to handicap the scoring title in terms of basketball betting NBA online odds you should know that Kobe takes about 25 percent of all of the Lakers shots while LeBron takes about 27 percent.  The difference in the past has been that the Lakers score more points than Cleveland and that usually is the difference in who averages more points per game and may decide the basketball betting NBA online betting option on who leads the league in scoring. As you look at basketball betting NBA online odds you may want to look at Cleveland and Los Angeles.  They both have superstar scorers that keep their teams in the game on a nightly basis in terms of basketball online odds.

Basketball betting NBA online odds are interesting to look at on a nightly basis and that includes the propositions and future bets on the basketball NBA online odds board like the scoring title.  Those options give basketball betting online gamblers some other choices on the basketball betting NBA online odds board.


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