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November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

Basketball betting NBA online halftime wagers can be some of the most profitable sports wagers

This bet is made when the NBA game goes to the half.  Many sportsbooks will put up basketball betting NBA online halftime lines for gamblers looking to make a basketball bet.

Basketball betting NBA online halftime bets are basically the same as a regular basketball bet on the game except it is only for the 2nd half.  You still have the side and total option available on the game.  For example, let’s say that the Lakers and Spurs are tied at 45 at the half.  Before the game the Spurs were an 8 point favorite with a total of 190 on the basketball betting NBA online odds.  Usually the oddsmaker will simply divide the original opening number for the game in half and make some minor adjustments.  Here is what that Lakers-Spurs halftime line might look like at for a basketball betting NBA online halftime line.

Los Angeles Lakers   97
San Antonio Spurs     -5

In this example the basketball betting NBA online oddsmaker made the Spurs a little bit higher than half of the original number.  Dividing the original number in half would have been -4 but since the game is tied the oddsmaker made the Spurs -5.  He did the same thing with the total.  Instead of making the total 95, which would have been half the opening basketball betting NBA online number, he made it 97 since the game was only at 90 at the half.  The basketball betting NBA online oddsmaker will adjust halftime numbers a little bit from the traditional divide it in half number.

Placing a basketball bet at the half is definitely interesting and fast paced.  Remember that you only have about 10 minutes from the time the line is posted at the half to make your basketball bet.  The basketball betting NBA online oddsmaker only has a couple of minutes to post the halftime number so you may find some edges if you happen to be watching the game.  The oddsmaker, as our previous example showed, will usually only make minor adjustments based on the score.  You may have better information if you are watching the game.

Basketball betting NBA online halftimes can be profitable if you have the time and are able to find sportsbooks that offer this option.  Take a look at basketball betting NBA online halftime betting and consider adding it to your overall sports betting.

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